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ADOPTION: LOVING couple promises your baby the best in life. Expenses paid. Paula & Christopher. 1-800-298-1964
CHECK OUT Cavenaugh Auto Group's Auto Guide online at Go to www.jonesborosu Click on "Features" and then choose "e-Publications" from the drop down menu. This will take you to a new page. Next, click on "e-Publications" and choose "Cavenaugh Auto Group" from the list. This will take you to the most recent Auto Guide for the Cavenaugh Dealerships. Or type this link in the address bar of your web brower - http://www.jonesboros e-pub.php?ed=CAVENA UGH
ADOPT- HAPPILY MARRIED, WELL EDUCATED COUPLE unable to have baby desires to adopt newborn. Call Marisol and Steve. 800-272- 0519. Expenses paid.
I CHARLES M Ross am looking for a criminal lawyer to take my case. I tried legal aid and they dropped me because they didn't let me know they didn't do criminal cases. If you decide to take my case please call me at 870-450-6887.
FOUND!! IN St. Bernards Auditorium parking lot on Friday, Aug. 19th, Large print, BIBLE. Call 870-935-5525 to identify and claim.
A LOVING couple promises your precious baby endless love, lifetime security Christine & Greg 888-377-1077 Expenses paid.