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Contact Information

Office hours
Our office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Located at:
518 Carson
Jonesboro, AR 72401

Phone: (870) 935-5525
Advertising Fax: 870-935-1674
News Fax: 870-935-5823



Reece Terry  Phone: 870-477-6067rterry@jonesborosun.com


Chris Wessel:   Editor  Phone: 870-477-6070cwessel@jonesborosun.com
Randal Seyler:   Managing Editor  Phone: 870-477-6079rseyler@jonesborosun.com
Joe Schratz:   Copy Editor  Phone: 870-477-6083jschratz@jonesborosun.com
Keith Inman:   Staff Reporter  Phone: 870-477-6084inman@jonesborosun.com
Janet Thiel:   General Info  Phone: 870-477-6081jthiel@jonesborosun.com
Adria Hyde:   Staff Reporter  Phone: 870-477-6087ahyde@jonesborosun.com
Mathew Wells:   Staff Reporter  Phone: 870-477-6085mwells@jonesborosun.com
Brittany Williams:   Features Editor  Phone: 870-477-6088bwilliams@jonesborosun.com


Kevin Turbeville:   Sports Editor  Phone: 870-477-6077kturbeville@jonesborosun.com
Matt Roberson:   Sports Staff  Phone: 870-477-6102mroberson@jonesborosun.com
Cory Clark:   Sports Staff  Phone: 870-477-6101cclark@jonesborosun.com


Quentin Winstine:   Photographer  Phone: 870-477-6100qwinstine@jonesborosun.com


Lisa A. Lynn:   Advertising Director  Phone: 870-477-6073llynn@jonesborosun.com
Tara Story:   National Sales  Phone: 870-477-6092tstory@jonesborosun.com
Gena Sheppard:   General Sales  Phone: 870-477-6091adsales@jonesborosun.com
Gary Davis:   Ad Sales  Phone: 870-477-6096gdavis@jonesborosun.com
Hayley Bergman:   Ad Sales  Phone: 870-477-6093hbergman@jonesborosun.com
Aubree Hughart:   Ad Sales  Phone: 870-477-6094aubreeh@jonesborosun.com
Alexis Cross:   Ad Sales  Phone: 870-477-6095across@jonesborosun.com


Matt Smith:   Classified Advisor  Phone: 870-477-6076msmith@jonesborosun.com
Kay Chambers:   Classified Advisor  Phone: 870-477-6146kchambers@jonesborosun.com


Jay Baker:   Circulation Director  Phone: 870-477-6075jbaker@jonesborosun.com
Amanda McFall:   Customer Service  Phone: 870-477-6098sos@jonesborosun.com

 Other Contacts

Roger Brumley:   Production Manager  Phone: 870-477-6074rbrumley@jonesborosun.com
Michael Shain:   Controller  Phone: 870-477-6072mshain@jonesborosun.com

Mailing Address

The Sun
518 Carson
Jonesboro, AR 72401