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Could you use an extra $1000 in your pocket this year? (Who couldn´t?)

The Sun has teamed up exclusively with Grocery Dough! Grocery Dough is a couponing service that takes the hassle of searching for your favorite coupons out of the equation. Choose only the coupons YOU want with this user friendly website. With a new 24 week paid subscription to our online edition or our print edition, you may order $100 of coupons per 30 days for a total of up to $1000. We have included a video and some screenshots to show you how simple it is to order the coupons.

Suppose you are looking for sweetener for your morning coffee. The first page you come to when you log onto the webpage will prompt you to choose a category. On this page you can look in different categories for the products you need. To find sweetener, highlight the category: Condiments.

When you land on the condiment page, the full list of products with coupons available will be shown. Scroll down until you find the particular sweetener you are looking for. For this example we will use Sweet´n Low. As you can see, Sweet´n Low has a coupon for 50¢ off per box of 100 packets or larger. Select the drop down box to receive up to 5 of the Sweet´n Low coupons at one time.

After you have selected your coupons, you will see in green the number of coupons you have selected and the remaining money left on your account for this redemption. After you have selected your coupons, you can click add to cart to continue shopping or, proceed to checkout.

Once you have proceeded to checkout, the coupons will be cut and shipped to you directly. You are ready to start saving as soon as they arrive in the mail. Keep in mind these ARE NOT internet coupons. These are coupons found in newspapers across the country and are redeemable at any stores that accept manufacturer coupons

Are you ready to sign up for Grocery Dough? NEW subscribers or households who have not had a subscription to The Sun in the last 90 days are eligible for Grocery Dough with the purchase of a 24-week seven-day delivery subscription. Due to the enormous value of Grocery Dough, the subscription is non-refundable. Start Saving today and sign up for The Sun by calling 870-935-5525 or sign up online by clicking HERE.

All this is yours for a new 24 week subscription to the online edition or print edition to The Sun and we will send you your FREE Grocery Dough verification code and you can begin your coupon savings TODAY! Please be sure you tell your references to mention your name so you can get credit on your subscription account for the referrals.