Policy Information

Letters Policy

The Sun welcomes original letters from our readers. Letters must include the writer's full home address, plus daytime and evening telephone numbers for verification.

Because of space limitations, letters should be 350 words or less in length.

Anonymous letters will not be considered, and we will not withhold the names of letter writers. Pseudonyms will not be used.

We will not publish personal attacks, libelous material, falsehoods, unsubstantiated claims against businesses or evidentiary matter in lawsuits.

We will not publish "thank-you letters" that list commercial sponsors. "Thank-you letters" which concern a matter of public interest or current events will be considered.

Generally, we publish letters in the order in which we receive them. Letters that are emailed generally are published sooner because they don't have to be retyped into our computer system.

The editors reserve the right to shut off debate when letters on a specific subject become repetitious.

Email letters to: cwessel@jonesborosun.com.

Mail letters to:

Letters to the Editor,

The Jonesboro Sun,

518 Carson St.,

Jonesboro 72401.

Letters can also be faxed to 870-935-5823.

Correction Policy

The Jonesboro Sun endeavors to make all stories accurate. However, in the event an error of significance occurs, we will make a correction promptly. Call the writer of the story, or email the Editor. You may call 935-5525 locally, or toll free 800-237-5341 outside the Jonesboro area.

Advertisement Policy

• Rate and conditions subject to change on 30 days notice.

• Advertising set to resemble editorial matter must be marked "Advertisement".

• The publisher reserves the right to edit or reject any advertising deemed objectionable, whether in subject matter, illustration, or phraseology.

• All property rights, including any copyright interest to an advertisement produced for a customer by The Jonesboro Sun using artwork and/or typography furnished or arranged by us, shall be the property of The Jonesboro Sun newspaper. No such ad or any part thereof may be reproduced without the prior written consent of The Jonesboro Sun.

• Political advertising must contain the name and address of Treasurer and/or person/committee (preceded with "Paid for by") on whose behalf the advertisement is published. All such advertisements must be approved by Advertising Director for publication. All advertising must be prepaid by space reservation deadline.

• Every effort is made to honor position requests but position of advertisements is not guaranteed. No adjustment, rerun or refund will be made because of position.

• Every effort is made to avoid errors. The Jonesboro Sun shall be liable for any error in any advertisement caused by its own negligence only to the extent of republishing in the next regular issue the item in which the error occurred and in space not exceeding that occupied by the item on its first publication. In case of advertised error in price, a letter will be furnished to the advertiser, to be posted in the advertiser's establishment, setting forth the correction.

• Advertisers should read their advertisement THE FIRST DAY IT APPEARS AND REPORT ERRORS in time for the next insertion. The Jonesboro Sun is responsible for only the first incorrect insertion and no allowance will be made for more than one incorrect insertion.

• All going out of business advertisements must be paid in advance.