JONESBORO — Although city offices will only be closed Dec. 24 and 25, and Jan. 1 for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, trash collection for the city will be altered from the Dec. 24 through Jan. 12.

There will be no trash or recyclables collected on the Dec. 24-25. On Dec. 28, the city will collect trash and recyclables for the Dec. 24. On the Dec. 29, it will collect both routes for Dec. 25.

Trash routes normally run on the Dec. 28-29 will be run on Dec. 30, there will be no recycling route.

The trash route for Dec. 30 will run Dec. 31, again there will be no recycling.

No routes will be run Jan. 1.

On Jan 4, the city will collect the Dec. 31 trash route and Jan. 1-2 recycling routes.

The Jan. 1 trash route will be run Jan. 5 with recycling routes returning to the regular schedule.

Trash routes normally run Jan. 4-5 will run Jan. 6.

The city will run the Jan. 6 and part of the Jan. 7 route on the Jan. 7. It will finish Jan. 7 and begin Jan. 8 on Jan. 8.

The Jan. 8 route will be completed and the Jan. 11 route will be begun Jan. 11. The Jan. 11 route will be completed along with the Jan. 12 route on Jan. 12.

The normal trash schedule will resume on the Jan. 13.