JONESBORO -- Dr. Stephen Woodruff has been awarded mastership through the American College of Physicians, according to a news release from NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital.

Election to mastership recognizes outstanding and extraordinary career accomplishments. This prestigious award is offered to physicians who are current ACP Fellows, highly accomplished in their field and distinguished by the excellence and significance of their contributions to the field of medicine. These individuals must also be actively involved in ACP.

Woodruff was awarded mastership following a nomination from fellow physicians. Those receiving this honor have the privilege of using the initials MACP after their name in recognition, and are considered role models in the American College of Physicians.

This year, only 50 physicians were selected for this honor worldwide.

"Dr. Steve Woodruff's career as an Internist of the highest caliber is confirmed by his recent selection as master by the American College of Physicians. He is most deserving," said Dr. Ray Hall.

"Dr. Woodruff is very deserving of this honor. His dedication to his patients, our health system, and medical care in our community is unmatched," said Brad Parsons, CEO of NEA Baptist. "He continues to be passionate in his role as a practicing physician, a physician leader, and a mentor to future physicians."

Woodruff has been in practice since 1982, when he and a group of peers founded NEA Clinic which later became NEA Baptist Clinic.

He sees patients in internal medicine while also serving as an instructor for internal medicine residents. Woodruff currently serves as chief medical officer at NEA Baptist.

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