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Thank you for choosing to place your ad in the The Sun's Guaranteed Results program. Your ad will be composed 2 columns wide and 2 inches deep. The ad will run each day in The Sun as well as being published in our online GTS listings. Ad must include photo, description, and price. Restrisctions do apply. You must read and accept the terms and agreement below.

 Terms and Agreement:
  1. Must Pay In Advance. No exceptions
  2. Single residence only
  3. AFTER every 60 DAYS, advertised price of listing will be reduced by no less than 1.5%
  4. Price reductions, will be the ONLY changes allowed to the ad copy
  5. NO REFUNDS for any reason
  7. The Sun reserves the right to accept or reject any ad for any reason
  8. Ad will run no more than 365 days

       I accept all the terms above.

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