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FAYETTEVILLE — A new endowment will support doctoral students at the University of Arkansas. The Kaneaster and Ruth Lindley Hodges Entrepreneurial Fellowship Award will offer a stipend level that is competitive with the most prestigious fellowships available to graduate students and enhance …

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has issued an executive order directing the Arkansas Economic Development Commission to coordinate with the Arkansas Department of Transformation and Shared Services’s Division of Information Systems to create an Arkansas Cyber Advisory Council.

Little Rock native, small business owner, and community advocate Natalie James announced her candidacy for the Democratic nomination for United States Senate this week.

No matter how hard we try, we really can’t avoid one another. We live in a world where what takes place somewhere else on the globe has a very good chance of affecting us – along with many others.

In some individuals, there is a certain indomitable spirit that allows them or pushes them to rise above the well of despair that their lives may be. Long after others have given up and often in spite of crushing obstacles, they will push on. Such is the story of Ferdinand Havis, perhaps the…

The world got a little brighter on Sept. 19, 1931, when Hubert and Donna Johnson welcomed their baby girl in Batesville. Jenny Lee Johnson was a beauty from the start, with her creamy fair skin and sparkling blue eyes. Years later this did not escape the attention of a certain young man from…

For 185 years, Arkansas has been a state. While Arkansans have long enjoyed their status as the 25th state, Arkansas had to jump over many political hurdles to reach statehood.

The Delta Arts Festival, the visual, musical, literary, film and performance arts initiative under Newport’s Downtown Revitalization and Improvement Volunteer Effort, was a success June 4-5. The event is a multi-disciplinary arts festival to nurture the next generation of Delta Artists.

The Arkansas Procurement Technical Assistance Center’s third office is open to help small and local businesses expand and help create a stronger economic base in northeastern Arkansas.

The annual Delta Visual Arts Show was held in conjunction with the Delta Art Festival June 4-5 in downtown Newport with 200 artists from more than 75 Arkansas communities on hand to show and sell their work.

‘Within my lifetime, we have gone from cranking telephones to interplanetary communications,” John Wesley Snyder marveled at his own life.

We don’t often think that how the US conducts itself at home has much impact on how we face the world, but it does. You’d be amazed at how closely people in countries all over the globe follow events here and count on the United States to lead the way. When it’s messy at home, it’s hard to s…

There is a fight going on over the heart of our democracy, and I worry that democracy is losing. Over the last few months, several states have moved decisively to make it harder for their citizens to vote, and more are on tap. It’s hard to tell yet whether this is just a blip or an actual re…

At the Newport Special School District’s recent regularly scheduled board meeting, Mr. Jeff Rutledge, Mr. Bryson Elston, Mrs. Kathy Green, Mr. Loftin Kent, Mr. Jeff Sampson, Mr. Todd Norris, and Mr. Heath George. were present.

Families enjoy a movie shown recently on the big screen at Front Street Park.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced Tuesday that state residents will have a choice between a $20 scratch-off lottery ticket, or a game and fish commission gift certificate when they get a COVID-19 vaccination.

Providing community and educational support for Woodruff County, the Arkansas Department of Human Services presented the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund with a donation to help fund summer scholarships for single parent applicants residing in Woodruff County.

Pocahontas Attorney Devon Holder has officially announced that he is running for prosecuting attorney for the Third Judicial District, which covers Randolph, Lawrence, Sharp and Jackson counties.

Baseball’s Dizzy Dean became an unforgettable personality in a game known for unforgettable personalities.

Robert Crittenden was once a giant in Arkansas politics. As the first territorial secretary, he laid the foundations for the beginnings of Arkansas government and the establishment of Little Rock as the capital. But he would see all of his gains slip away and die at a young age.