BATESVILLE — Ozark Foothills Literacy Project and Americorps Arkansas are sponsoring an escape room/scavenger hunt around the city Sept. 21 to 25.

In “Escape Batesville,” participants will move through the clues on their own time and in their own vehicle, alone or with family or friends.

Those needing help may have one participant in their vehicle download the free Remind app.

Join the Escape Batesville helpline by texting @escbates to 81010, and text them any questions you may have. Helpline hours are 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The problem

No one can get in or out of Batesville! The roads have been blocked! What’s worse is that the roadblocks require a code to remove them, and the culprit is still on the loose!

The solution

You! You are the investigator. It is your job to find the culprit and get the code. Start at the Citizens Bank Annex at 285 E. College Avenue (look on the window). Take pictures of the clues as you go, so you can refer back to them. Once you have the final code, you will text it to the helpline. The first seven participants to text the code to the Escape Batesville Helpline will receive a prize (one prize per vehicle), donated by a local business. While receiving their prize, either the participant or the business should take a picture and text it to the helpline for publication in the Batesville Daily Guard.

Want another chance to have your picture in the Guard? Take a picture of yourself with a clue and text it to the helpline. (One picture per vehicle, please.)

You will need

1. A cell phone:

Take pictures of the clues to refer back to later.

Download the free Remind app and text the helpline if you need help with clues.

Text the final code to the helpline.

Use Google Maps if you need directions.

2. Pencil and paper, in case you need to work things out or remember information.

3. A mask, to stay safe while getting out of your vehicle to take pictures of the clues.