For the first time in months no deaths in Northeast Arkansas were attributed to the coronavirus pandemic in the past week.

There also were still no confirmed cases in Jackson County.

Only Randolph County showed an increase in active cases of the virus.

Randolph County had a significant increase in new infections confirmed through lab testing during May compared to April. Randolph had 52, double the number in April. There were also 27 positive tests from the less reliable antigen testing, which was an increase of five from April.

Greene had 51 new confirmed cases, down one from April. Positive tests totaled 27, a reduction of seven from April.

In Craighead County, 179 new confirmed cases in May were 23 fewer than April, but 75 probable cases from antigen testing were an increase of 22 from April.

Here are Northeast Arkansas COVID-19 cases by county May 24 through Sunday:

Jackson – 0 confirmed (same), 0 probable (4 fewer); 2 active cases (3 fewer); total deaths, 38.

Craighead – 20 confirmed (19 fewer than last week), 13 probable (up 4); 77 active cases (22 fewer); total deaths, 182.

Greene – 12 confirmed (increase of 7), 6 probable (2 fewer); 22 active (4 fewer); total deaths, 77.

Lawrence – 3 confirmed (same) 0 probable (1 fewer); 4 active (3 fewer); total deaths, 43.

Poinsett – 3 confirmed (4 fewer) 0 probable (1 fewer); 12 active (3 fewer); total deaths, 77.

Mississippi – 4 confirmed (9 fewer), 2 probable (2 fewer); 24 active cases (2 fewer); total deaths 109.

Randolph – 12 confirmed (3 fewer), 0 probable (1 fewer); 33 active cases (increase of 6); total deaths, 45.

Cross – 1 confirmed (4 fewer), 2 probable (2 fewer); 7 active cases (6 fewer); total deaths, 50.

Clay – 5 confirmed (increase of 3), 6 probable (same as last week); 11 active cases (2 fewer); total deaths, 50.

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