Gränges is expanding its Newport production facility to enable production of battery cathode foil. Gränges will be the first domestic producer of such foil, which is a critical component in the manufacturing of the lithium-ion batteries necessary for a transition to electric vehicles.

The investment comprises finishing and clean room equipment with commercial deliveries planned to begin in 2024.

Gränges is targeting the battery cathode foil segment, drawing on the group’s global production footprint and capabilities, sustainable solutions, and strong aluminum alloy and process know-how. The battery production value chain is growing rapidly, driven by the electrification of the automotive industry.

Gränges is already a leading supplier of thin-foil solutions in the US and has invested consistently over the past years to expand capacity and build capabilities. Through this investment, Gränges will support the electric vehicle transition in all regions, complementing the battery foil investments already underway in Gränges’ productions facilities in Europe and Asia.

“With this investment, we will be the first domestic producer of battery foil. We see a very strong interest from leading global battery manufacturers in domestic supply within the battery value chain. We look forward to partnering with them as well as with leading automotive OEMs in developing this market in the US,” says Patrick Lawlor, President of Gränges Americas.

Gränges has been a leader in innovative and sustainable aluminum solutions for the automotive industry for decades and has an industry-leading sustainability performance. The company will offer leading sustainable battery foil solutions that have a low climate impact, are circular and resource efficient as well as responsibly sourced and produced.

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