Jackson County Spelling Bee results

Winner Bronx Holland, Swifton Middle School, 6th grade; 2nd place Rhett Watson, Swifton Middle School, 6th grade; 3rd place Wesley Geaslin, Newport Elementary, 6th grade; 2nd-4th grade winner Molly Bright, Newport Elementary, 4th grade.

The 67th annual Jackson County Spelling Bee was held Wednesday, Feb. 24, at 10 a.m. in the Edwin Shaver Auditorium on the Tuckerman school campus. Contestants in grades two through eight from the Newport School District and the Jackson County School District competed in the oral spelling bee, which was closed to the public due to COVID 19 risks.

The county champion received a first prize of $100, a spelling medal, a trophy for the school, and $100 for expenses to the 2021 Arkansas State Spelling Bee to be held at The Vines Center in Little Rock on Saturday, March 13. The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas sponsor the Arkansas State Spelling Bee and the state winner will advance and compete in the National Spelling Bee.

The second place winner received $50, while third place was awarded $25. The top speller in grades two through four received $15. Each contestant received a $2 bill, a participant’s ribbon, and lunch following the bee. Thanks to the Jackson County Retired Teachers Association for funding the cost of the trophy, medal, ribbons, and winner’s expenses.

The County coordinator and pronouncer for the event was Sandra Brock and school coordinators and judges were Ronnie Kay Erwin – Newport and Ken Brown – Tuckerman/Swifton.

Participants from the Newport Special School District were:

Presley Thaxton, daughter of Kenny and Amy Thaxton, 2nd grade

Alice Pettie, daughter of John and Lindley Pettie, 2nd grade

John Carraway, son of Richard and Jessica Carraway, 3rd grade

Jenna Grace Hopkins, daughter of Chad and Kathryn Hopkins, 3rd grade

Jessie Thaxton, daughter of Kenny and Amy Thaxton, 4th grade

Molly Bright, daughter of Derek and Katie Bright, 4th grade

Lane Stewart, son of Robbie and Amber Stewart, 5th grade

Finnley George, daughter of Heath and Nancy George, 5th grade

Wesley Geaslin, son of Amber and Miguel Gomez, 6th grade

Jack Burns, son of Angela and Blake Burns, 6th grade

Hunter Scoggins, son of Will and Jessica Scoggins, 7th grade

Fernando Fuentes, son of Manuel and Dolores Fuentes, 7th grade

Abby May, daughter of Anthony and Lisa May, 8th grade

Jack Sampson, son of Jeff and Lauren Sampson, 8th grade

Participants from Jackson County School District were:

Lila Nicholson, daughter of Brett and Nikki Nicholson, 2nd grade

Alexis Mitchell, daughter of Adam and Lynn Mitchell, 2nd grade

Hayden Hembrey, son of Marcus and Rachel Hembrey, 3rd grade

Cohen Hall, son of Bill and Alexis Hall, 3rd grade

Christian Wilkerson, son of Heather Clark, 4th grade

J.J. Allen, son of Jackie Allen, 4th grade

Jack Loftin, son of Jack and Whitney Loftin, 5th grade

Langdon Green, son of Brandy and Jason Burton and Andrew Green, 5th grade

Bronx Holland, son of Michael and Angelia Holland, 6th grade

Rhett Watson, son of Nate and Elizabeth Watson, 6th grade

Christian Ashley, son of Latoya Barry and Eric Green, 7th grade

Dora Cook, daughter of Joy Cook, 7th grade

Alexxia Toddy, daughter of Ashley and Corey Williams and Willie Toddy, 8th grade

P.J. Forehand, son of Ashley Decker and Cody Decker, 8th grade

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