JUDSONIA — A dispute over “throwing fish heads” over a fence led to a 40-year-old Judsonia resident being charged with first-degree terroristic threatening.

A warrant was issued recently for Jonathan Paul Roth on the class D felony charge at the request of the 17th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

Roth was arrested May 20 by the Judsonia Police Department after an altercation between him and two other Judsonia men, Johnny Brock and Dallion Sheffer.

Officer Joe Gossett responded to a call at the parking lot of a gas station in Judsonia, where Brock reportedly told Gossett that Roth had assaulted him just 10 minutes earlier at his own home.

The confrontation, according to Sheffer, followed Roth having entered his backyard from the woods yelling, “Y’all need to stop throwing fish heads over the fence,” which Sheffer told police that the owners of the property had no problem with, Gossett wrote in the affidavit.

Sheffer reportedly told police that Roth also said that “this was his stomping grounds” and threatened to “whoop his [expletive]” before Sheffer told Roth to leave his property, which Roth did. However, he returned 10 minutes later, took his shirt off, walked up to Steffer’s boat, punched Brock in the face and spit on him, according to Sheffer.

Sheffer said that Roth pulled out a knife and that Brock pulled out a gun before Roth was told once again to leave, Gossett wrote. Sheffer reportedly said Roth then threatened to kill him later just like he did Sheffer’s dad (The Daily Citizen was unable to find any murder charges against Roth or anything showing that Sheffer’s dad had been murdered). Sheffer and Brock both told police that Roth seemed to be under the influence of something during the altercation.

Gossett wrote that he later visited Roth’s residence where Roth began walking toward him with one hand behind his back. When Gossett told Roth to show his hands, Roth reportedly reveals a container of duster, commonly known to be abused by inhaling the contents inside. Gossett wrote that he commanded Roth to hand over the container. Roth reportedly tossed it on the ground and said, “It’s nothing.”

Roth reportedly told police that he was just over in Sheffer’s backyard to tell him to stop throwing fish heads over the fence and said that later “that other [expletive] pointed a gun at me.”

When Gossett asked if the reason Brock pulled a gun at him was because Roth hit Brock, Roth reportedly responded, “Ya, but that ain’t no reason to pull a gun.” When Gossett asked Roth if he pulled out a knife, Roth reportedly said, “No, I got one.” When checking Roth for weapons and contraband, police found a pocket knife in his right pocket, Gossett wrote.

Roth’s plea and arraignment hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. Aug. 4 in White County Circuit Court. He remained in custody at the White County Detention Center on Monday afternoon.

Another first-degree terroristic threatening charge was filed against 38-year-old Tiffany Marie Basinger of Kensett for reportedly threatening to shoot a 16-year-old female.

Kensett police were given the location of the 16-year-old who was listed as a runaway with the Searcy Police Department on May 23.

When police arrived, Basinger responded to the address to take custody of the teenager. However, upon hearing that Basinger was the one coming to pick her up, the 16-year-old reportedly became upset and and told police that she was afraid of Basinger.

The teenager told police that she was afraid that Basinger was going to kill her and proceeded to show police videos of Basinger yelling at her, saying that she would “beat the [expletive] out of her,” White County Sheriff’s Office Detective Misty Goss wrote in the affidavit.

Basinger reportedly also told the teenager saying they would both kill themselves in any way chosen by the teenager and is heard in the video saying that she would shoot the 16-year-old in the head.

When Basinger arrived to the scene, she reportedly told police that she let her emotions get out of control, “seemingly acknowledging responsibility for threatening the juvenile,” Goss wrote.

Basinger’s plea and arraignment hearing is also scheduled for 9 a.m. Aug. 4.