Prince announces candidacy for school board

Monica Prince and her children, Conner, 20, Chase, 19, and Allie, 14.

Monica Prince is proud to announce her candidacy for Newport Special School District School Board position zone five. Prince is a resident of Auvergne and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Arkansas State University and a Doctorate of Pharmacology from Harding University. She is also a former graduate of Newport High School and is proud to share her Greyhound values and traditions with her three children, Conner, 20, Chase, 19, and Allie, 14.

Monica believes that Newport is full of great potential and wants to work hard for progress in our school system. “I have been a Greyhound all of my life,” says Prince. “I’ve seen our schools at the height of success and I’ve seen them when they were in need of major reform. I do not believe we are currently at either of those extremes, but we are on the right track. I want to see us at the very pinnacle of excellence. I promise to work hard and make decisions that will get us there.”

Prince also says her decisions and actions will be focused on what is best for the students. As a mother of three very different children, she understands that a great school system works to meet the needs of all types of students. She also appreciates transparency and effective communication and will work to ensure a better, more efficient network of communication at all levels – from the board, to administration members, to faculty, students, parents/care-givers, and the community at large.

“I’m passionate about Newport Special School District because it is part of my history and it is shaping the future of the people I love the most. I’m running for school board because I want the best for my kids, for your kids, and some day our kids’ kids. I promise to do everything I can for them and would appreciate your vote in May,” says Prince.

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