Tuckerman High School has a new Tennis Team.

Students practiced for four months, in the spring and summer heat, and that determination, effort, and dedication paid off.

Coach Ken Brown worked with these athletes, inspiring all to do their best. Everyone is excited to have the opportunity for more athletes to participate in another sport.


August 20 – THS vs Earle. THS won 3 of 3 courts. DOUBLES: Katie Clark and Abbi Moss won 6-1; Harrison Smith and Timothy Ward won 6-1; Jared Smith and Anthony Holladay won 6-2

August 25 – THS vs Ridgefield Christian: DOUBLES: Noah Young and Will Tubbs won.

September 1 – THS vs Riverside. Riverside won 8 out of 9 courts. DOUBLES: Lexi Johnson and Jill Kinder won 7-5.

September 2 – THS vs. EPC. EPC won 4 of 4 courts.

September 8 – THS vs. Ridgefield Christian. Boys won 3 of 6 courts. SINGLES: Harrison Smith won 6-2; DOUBLES: Donny Davis and Brandon Hardin won 6-2; Andrew Nichols and Jared Smith won 6-1; Ridgefield Girls won 4 of 5 courts; SINGLES: Carley Boyd won 6-4.

September 8 – THS vs Marked Tree. Girls won 3 of 5 courts. SINGLES: Kadance Jones 7-5; Katie Clark won 6-1; DOUBLES: Kaydence Slagley and Samara Mason 6-0; Marked Tree Boys won 2 of 3 courts. SINGLES: Harrison Smith won 6-4.

September 9 – THS vs Cedar Ridge. THS Boys won 6 of 6 courts. SINGLES: Jared Michael Smith won singles 6-3; DOUBLES: Timothy Ward and Harrison Smith won 6-3; Andrew Nichols and Donny Davis won 6-0, Anthony Holladay and Andrew Nichols won 6-1; Harrison Smith and Donny Davis won 6-0; Timothy Ward and Donny Davis won 6-0. Cedar Ridge Girls won 2 of 2 courts.

September 10 – THS vs CRA. CRA won 6 of 8 courts. SINGLES: Jared Smith won 6-0. DOUBLES: Harrison Smith and Timothy Ward won 6-4.

September 17 – THS vs CRA. CRA won 8 of 12 courts. SINGLES: Noah Young won 7-5; DOUBLES: Andrew Nichols and Brandon Hardin won 6-3; Brandon Hardin and Anthony Holladay won 6-3; Harrison Smith and Noah Young won 6-0.

September 20 – THS vs Riverside. Riverside won 6 of 6 boys courts. GIRLS: THS and Riverside tied 1 court each. DOUBLES: Abbi Moss and Kadance Jones won 6-2.

September 23 – THS vs Marked Tree. Marked Tree girls won 4 of 5 girls courts. SINGLES: Kadance Jones won 6-4. THS won 3 out of 5 Boys courts over Marked Tree. SINGLES: Harrison Smith won 7-5; Jarod Smith won 6-3; Noah Young won 6-4.

September 24 – THS vs Earle. THS won 6 of 6 courts. DOUBLES: Abbi Moss and Jill Kinder won 6-0; Samara Mason and Jill Kinder won 6-1. SINGLES: Brandon Hardin won 6-4; Donny Davis won 6-0; Timothy Ward won 6-0; Noah Young won 6-1.

There were several players who advanced into the second round at the District Tournament:

Katie Clark – Girls Singles

Carley Boyd and Abbi Moss – Girls Doubles

Jared Smith – Boys Singles

Harrison Smith – Boys Singles

Anthony Holladay and Andrew Nichols – Boys Doubles

Timothy Ward and Donny Davis – Boys Doubles

“In most of the second round matches, many of our players were taken out by players that advanced to the finals,” Coach Brown said. “I am very proud of their showing. I think they did great, considering this was a team of players that had only been playing for only four months against most schools with players that had been playing for four years. I think Bulldog Tennis is off to a great start, and this group of history-making kids did a great job for the first season in Bulldog Tennis history.”

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