Tuckerman Lady Bulldogs and Bulldogs named Conference Champions

The Tuckerman Lady Bulldogs and Bulldogs finished their regular season last week as Conference Champions.

The Tuckerman Lady Bulldogs and Bulldogs finished up their regular season conference games on Thursday, April 22, as Conference Champions.

The Lady Bulldogs’ last few wins included a 15-0 conference win over White County Central and Sloan Hendrix. The Lady Bulldogs also defeated Valley View 5-3, Quitman 4-2, and Carlisle 11-6 in huge wins for the Lady Dogs as they enter the post season of play. The Lady Bulldogs finish the regular season with a 20-4 record and are 11-1 in conference.

The Tuckerman Bulldogs wrapped up the regular season on a 10 game win streak. The Bulldogs recently picked up huge conference wins over White County (14-2), Cedar Ridge (12-0), Salem (5-3) & (4-0), and Sloan Hendrix (7-3). The Bulldogs also defeated Riverside (2-1) in a non-conference matchup. The Bulldogs record is now 21-2 and 11-1 in conference play.

The Lady Bulldogs and Bulldogs will play in the District Tournament that will be hosted at Tuckerman High School. The Lady Bulldogs and Bulldogs will play at 4 p.m. on Thursday in the semi-finals. Both teams have also clinched their spot in the 2A Central Regional Tournament that will also be hosted by Tuckerman High School.

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