JONESBORO — Two people who ran against Mayor Harold Perrin in 2016 are back on the ballot, along with a newcomer.

Perrin, who has served as the chief executive for Jonesboro since 2009, announced July 22 he would not seek re-election due to health concerns. The following day, Craighead County Judge Marvin day announced he would be a candidate. However, he has not filed for the office since the filing period began Wednesday.

Amanda Dunavant and Thomas Elwood, who ran in 2016, filed their petitions on Thursday, as did Andy Shatley, who is making his first run.

After Day announced his candidacy, a Democrat-leaning blogger raised the possibility that Amendment 95 to the state Constitution would prohibit the move. Attorney Matt Campbell, on his blog Blue Hog Report, pointed to Article 7, Section 53, of Amendment 95 as states:

A person elected or appointed to any one of 10 county offices – including county judge – “shall not, during the term for which he or she has been elected, be appointed or elected to any civil office in this state.”

Day is in his first term as county judge, which expires at the end of 2022.

An attorney general’s opinion has been requested, and Day said Friday he’s awaiting further clarification before filing his paperwork. The filing period ends at noon on Wednesday.

“I want to make sure we’ve got everything taken appropriately,” Day told The Sun. “I’m just waiting on a few legal opinions.”

An attorney general’s opinion doesn’t carry the force of law but helps guide public officials as they make decisions. The Arkansas Supreme Court would make the ultimate decision should someone challenge Day’s eligibility in court.

Three people so far have filed as candidates for the city clerk’s position. Incumbent Donna Jackson plans to retire after more than 20 years in the job.

Seeking to replace her are Deputy City Clerk April Leggett and Stan Mitchell, a former Sun reporter, who both filed Wednesday, and Linda Allison, who filed Thursday.

Some Jonesboro City Council races have also developed. Those candidates are:

Ward 1, Position 2: Emma Agnew and Brandon Hogan.

Ward 2, Position 2: Incumbent Chris Moore.

Ward 3, Position 2: Linda Denny; and Incumbent Chris Gibson.

Ward 4, Position 2: Incumbent Mitch Johnson.

Ward 5, Position 2: Incumbent Joe Hefner; and Phillip Glover.

Ward 6, Position 2: Larry Hagar.

Candidates in other Craighead County cities:

Black Oak

James Randy Hutchison, Position 2 city council.

Brett Hickman, Position 4 city council.


Jennifer Carreiro for city clerk.

Rick Walters, Ward 1, Position 2 city council.

Shirley Dodson, Ward 2, Position 2 city council.


Mike Bishop for Ward 1, Position 1 city council.

Jason Cooper, Ward 1, Position 2.


Rick Stevens, recorder/treasurer.


Barbara Dunivan, Position 2 city council.

Haron Lewis, Position 4 city council.

Lake City

Katherine Wells Ward 1, Position 1 city council.

Tommy Eakins, Ward 2, Position 1 city council.