JONESBORO — Four Boer goats at the Nettleton schools FFA barn were killed Sunday morning after being attacked by two dogs, according to the Craighead County Sheriff’s Office.

“It was a complete shock,” Farm Manager Taylor Cooper said Monday, noting she was the one who found the dead goats.

She said three of the goats were killed outside of the barn, one inside. The one inside was so severely injured it had to be put down.

According to Craighead County Deputy Brock McFarlin, at 11:48 a.m. Sunday, “I was dispatched to 1167 Craighead Road 740 the Nettleton School FFA Barn in reference to vicious dogs. I arrived and noticed two Boer goats outside that were dead. I spoke with Taylor Cooper, who was in the barn feeding, and located another goat dead inside.

“Cooper said that when she arrived at the barn to feed she saw the two dead goats outside. Cooper said that she went into the barn and saw another dead goat and two dogs.

“Cooper said that one of the dogs was actively attacking another goat that was still alive. Cooper said that she was able to get the dogs out of the barn and they ran into the woods. Cooper said that the goat that was being attacked in the barn would have to be put down due to its injuries.

“The dogs were described as one being a German shepherd and the other was a pit bull. There was also a calf in the barn that had injuries, but Cooper said that she believed she could give it medication and that it would be OK.”

Cooper said when she entered the barn on Sunday she saw the two dogs in the hallway.

“They took off as soon as I opened the door,” she said.

The goats were valued at a total of $1,200.

Cooper said three of the goats were just purchased on Friday. They were to be used for breeding purposes, she said.

She said one side of the barn was open to allow animals access to the field. The barn is being totally enclosed and the animals kept inside at night to avoid a repeat of Sunday’s incident.

“We’ll close up everything at night,” Cooper said.

Cooper said either she or someone else is out at the barn every day to check on the animals.

She said the owners of the dogs haven’t been located yet, as far as she knows.