JONESBORO — The Craighead County Public Safety Committee will consider a new ordinance Monday addressing salary increases for elected officials.

Craighead County Judge Marvin Day said the county is simply mimicking what other counties across the state are doing.

“We had the Johansen Group do a study on employees,” he said.

After some discussions, some proposed ordinances that didn’t pass, followed by more discussion, the Public Safety Committee will be hearing a new ordinance which, Day said if approved, will establish a whole new system.

“This policy is creating the methodology on how we hire employees,” he said.

According to the new ordinance, the Craighead County Salary Administration Policy will allow full-time employees to be hired at a minimum (80 percent) of the budgeted amount for their position. The county will allow an individual new hire to be paid up to (90 percent) of the position budget given the person has the additional experience, education, etc. that add value to the position. Any rates of pay exceeding 90 percent of the budgeted position amount must be approved by the Job Evaluation and Salary Administration Program Committee (JESAP), then the Public Service Committee.

Day said he would be part of the new committee as well as Jason Price, chairman of the Public Service Committee, Craighead County Sheriff Marty Boyd, the human resources director, and another elected official, which would be a yearly rotational position.

Other county committees agendas include:

Transportation Committee:

Road Superintendent Eugene Neff reporting on conditions of roads.

Review plat for Joshua Neely, Woodland Point Subdivision, CR 7302/7304 and CR 7300.

Review plat for Felicia Spencer, CR 664.

Review plat for Brian Canada/Brett Welch, CR 7599.

Review plat for Blake Worlow, CR 7598.

Public Service Committee:

Resolution to appoint David Cline to the Valley View Fire Protection District Board.

Ordinance to adopt a salary policy, establishing JESAP committee, hiring policy and adopting minimum, mid-point, and maximum pay range for each position.

Ordinance to set salaries of elected officials, based on years of elected service.

Appropriation ordinance to increase 2021 salaries to mid-point as of July 13, 2021.

Finance and Administration Committee:

Ordinance for circuit court automation fund to add technology to five courtrooms.

Tax collection report presented by Collector Wes Eddington.

Finance reports presented by Treasurer Terry McNatt.

Ordinance to adopt federal audit policies.