JONESBORO — The two emergency ordinances that were passed by subcommittees during their Nov. 9 meeting will now go before the full Craighead County Quorum Court on Monday.

County Judge Marvin Day said Friday that he believes both emergency ordinances will pass the full court on Monday without issue.

“... And we will be able to start the budget discussions, but that is going to take a few more meetings,” he added.

One of the emergency ordinances is to increase and set jail fees for the housing of adult inmates in the Craighead County Detention Center. It was passed by the Finance and Administration Committee.

If passed by the full court, it will increase the current jail fees from $45 to $55 per day for in-county inmates and from $51 to $60 per day for out-of-county inmates. It would become effective on Jan. 1 for any city that does not have a current monthly jail contract in effect.

The other emergency ordinance was the adoption of the new Kronos time and attendance policies for all Craighead County personnel. It was passed the Public Service Committee.

The new Kronos electronic facial recognition system is supposed to help provide a true accounting of an employee’s work hours and will be live and up to date.

The ordinance will utilize portable and stationary iPads as time-clocks and is necessary for the completion of the federal audit of Craighead County.

If approved by the full quorum court, a copy of the Kronos time and attendance policy will be incorporated into the Craighead County Personnel Policy Handbook.

Other items up for discussion at Monday’s 5:30 p.m. meeting include:

An appropriation ordinance to establish 2022 rates of taxation.

A resolution to approve the 2022 proposed budget of the Craighead County Solid Waste Disposal Authority.

An appropriation ordinance to adopt the 2022 Craighead County annual operating budget.