JONESBORO — Adante Monrel Brown has been busy with police in Arkansas.

The 20-year-old Jonesboro man has either been a suspect or complainant or arrested on multiple police reports during the past two years.

Most recently, Brown was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. He’s incarcerated in the Craighead County Detention Center on a $150,000 bond.

In August, Brown was listed as a suspect in the theft of $900 in cash at a local eatery where he was employed. He hasn’t been charged in this incident.

In July, Brown was the complainant when he accused his 21-year-old girlfriend of striking him with her vehicle at the intersection of Race Street and Curtview Drive.

In June, Brown was arrested on traffic charges of driving with a suspended license and speeding while driving his girlfriend’s car.

In May, Brown was the complainant when police were called to his residence and he was found to be bleeding from a knife wound. Police suspected his girlfriend of cutting him, but Brown refused to file charges and said he was cut by accident. He told police she had stabbed him, “but she doesn’t need to go to jail.”

In April, police were called to Brown’s residence after his girlfriend said he struck her with a closed fist. No charges were filed, according to the Jonesboro police incident report.

In March, Brown pleaded guilty in the Aug. 28, 2020, incident of firing shots at a residence in the 1700 block of Belt Street. In his guilty plea to terroristic threatening, Brown received five years of probation in Craighead County Circuit Court.

Also in March, Brown pleaded guilty to breaking or entering for a June 26, 2020, burglary after police were called to pawn shop about a suspect attempting to pawn tools that the owner thought were stolen. Brown fled the scene and was chased by the police. He was eventually pulled over.

As part of the plea, Brown was given three years of probation.

In September 2019, Brown pleaded guilty to third-degree battery in Miller County. He was given six months of probation.