JONESBORO — Paige Cothern, Jonesboro Kindergaten Center librarian and media specialist, said she’s enjoyed redesign the children’s library and the students seem to love it.

Cothern, whose parents are interior designers, has been with JKC for 19 years. She has spent 14 years as a teacher and the past five as the librarian.

Becky Shannon, JKC principle, said the school got a $25,000 grant for largest student growth during the 2017-18 school year and that it was all put toward the new library, along with some other school funds.

”We had had already redesigned other parts of the school so when Mrs. Paige suggested a redesign for the library, we gave her the opportunity,” Shannon said. “She has done a wonderful job, and we are lucky to have her.”

Improvements include unique furniture, hand-picked or created by Cothern, a 85” SMART Board touchscreen, iPads and Chromebooks, along with other improvements like moving and lowering the counter to make it more kid friendly.

”We have 29 classes that come to the library once a week for class,” Cothern said. “During our library classes the students are put into STEM stations (science, technology, engineering and math) where I teach them how to use iPads and Chromebooks to access information. We also do research on Pebble Go and listen to eBooks on Capstone Interactive. Both of these programs read to the students, which is perfect for our kindergarteners who are just learning to read. The students also check out books to use during the week in their classrooms.”

”We love how very friendly it is without being over stimulating to the children,” Shannon added.