Campaign signs

No official candidacy filings have been made but three Lake City residents – Danny Dunigan, Cameron Tate and Chad Moody – have created mayoral campaign signs. Lake City Mayor Jon Milligan was elected to the Arkansas House of Representatives.

LAKE CITY — Although not officially on a ballot anywhere, three Lake City residents who intend to run for the recently vacated mayor’s seat have already posted campaign signs throughout the community.

Cameron Tate said he’s had his campaign signs out for about two months. Tate said the main reason he put up his signs before filing was to ensure a level campaign playing field.

“We haven’t filed yet,” he said. “Danny Dunigan announced he was running, so to keep him from getting a head start, we all just filed suit,” he said.

Tate said he fully intends to run for Lake City Mayor.

“It is my understanding the filing date will have to be after Milligan resigns, which will be Dec. 31, so they will probably open the filing on the second or third of January,” he said.

Chad Moody also has had his campaign signs up for quite some time.

“I first started campaigning when Mayor Jon Milligan first announced he was running for Arkansas State Representative,” Moody said. “One candidate started putting signs out, so when he did that I figured it was time to get my name out there.”

Moody said although he has only lived in Lake City for a year and a half, he really loves the community.

“I absolutely love Lake City,” he said. “I want to make sure it does not become an apartment city or a ’burb of Jonesboro.”

Milligan was elected to the Arkansas State House of Representatives during Tuesday’s general election. Milligan said the official vacancy will more than likely be declared Jan. 4.

“The (city council) will have to pass a resolution declaring the office a vacancy,” he said. “It has to be on the books for 60 days, and they will have to appoint an electoral mayor.”

Milligan said city council members will also have to appoint an interim mayor.

“The next council meeting on Nov. 16, I will turn in my letter of resignation,” he said.

Dunigan said the interim mayor appointment would more than likely be someone under the council’s authority.

“I would imagine it would be the city recorder,” he said of Lisa Sitz. “It would be logical she would fill in.”

Milligan said he was a bit worried about the three potential candidates posting signs before they could even officially be on a ballot. He noted that the signs are located by Riverside High School and across the street from Jordan’s Kwik Shop.

Craighead County Election Commissioner Jennifer Clack said she had even heard about the early campaign signs.

“Some of those people who were interested put up signs,” Clack said. “Jon said, ‘I haven’t even won yet.’”

If for some reason Milligan had lost the election, Tate said he would have been content to remain serving under his administration.

“I would have just had to eat the cost of those signs,” he said.