JONESBORO — A court order filed Friday demands appearances from associates of Kade Holliday in a civil case against the former county clerk.

Attorneys for Craighead County government will take sworn out-of-court testimony from Joan Holliday and Haden Sloas. The oral examination will be done before a court reporter, the notice read.

Judge Marvin Day, on behalf of county government, filed a lawsuit in June in hopes of recovering nearly $1.6 million in public funds authorities say Holliday stole in his official capacity as county clerk. Holliday faces several criminal charges based on similar allegations.

He has been ordered to appear in circuit court at 1:30 p.m. Thursday to “show cause, if any, why he has failed to comply with the order … requiring he provide a full and complete accounting within 10 days of the order dated July 2.”

The former clerk is also being sued by his former business partner Rose Hankins, co-owner of Total Healthcare and Twisted Foods. Hankins claims Holliday misappropriated funds “in excess of $500,000.”

“(His) greed and complex scheme of embezzlement and illegal activity have destroyed a thriving Jonesboro-based business,” it states. “While individuals, businesses and government offices struggled to operate during the emergency of the COVID-19 virus, Kade Holliday accelerated his illegal activity in both the frequency and the amount of the funds wrongfully taken.”

Simmons Bank filed a civil complaint against Hankins and Holliday for defaulting on a property loan. In the suit filed July 27, the Pine Bluff-based bank notes that they owe more than $86,000 in mortgage payments, as well as interest and other charges accrued within the last three years.

The deposition of Joan Holliday and Sloas is scheduled for 10 a.m. Friday in Courthouse Annex Room 119, 511 Union St., Jonesboro.