JONESBORO — City council members agreed to an amendment Tuesday before formally adopting the Downtown Jonesboro Development Code.

The code was designed to encourage redevelopment of the oldest sections of Jonesboro. It creates four new zones as overlays to existing zones in those neighborhoods. They would promote historic preservation and more pedestrian-friendly redevelopment.

The four zones are Core Mixed Use (COR), Commercial Mixed Use (COM), Industrial Arts (IA) – and Neighborhood Transition (NBT).

The amendment changes the designation of Main Street between Oak and Nettleton avenues to Neighborhood Transition to better protect historical homes in that area, City Planner Derrel Smith said.

Also adopted by the council was an ordinance proposed by Alberto Morales to rezone 0.166 acres at 1330 W. Monroe Ave. from C-3 general commercial to RS-7 single family residential for construction of one housing unit.

In new business, the council heard the first of three required readings of a proposed ordinance to approve a private club alcohol permit for Everyday Association, doing business as Native Restaurant, at 515 S. Gee St.

Zac Baker, the club’s attorney, said the application has been amended to reflect the name change of the proposed restaurant. The initial application named it Native Brew Works. If approved it would be the first microbrewery in Jonesboro.

State law requires city council approval before a formal application can be filed with the state Alcohol Beverage Control Division. The council will hear the first of three required readings this evening. A final vote on the measure isn’t expected before November.

Final action on the proposal isn’t expected before Nov. 5.

Also heard on first reading was a proposed ordinance to provide for city attorney retirement benefits. Under state law, the city attorney is entitled to retire at one-half of that person’s final annual salary after 10 years after reaching the age of 60, or after 20 years regardless of age. Under the proposed ordinance, current City Attorney Carol Duncan, who took office in 2015, could receive one year’s credit for every two years she served as assistant city attorney. She held that position for roughly 10 years.

Council members heard the second readings of two rezoning ordinances proposed by:

South Caraway Baptist Church, 3707 S. Caraway Road, to rezone its 16.77-acre campus from R-1 single family residential to C-3 general commercial district.

Ashley Tallant to rezone 0.28 acres at 911 E. Parker Road, near Harrisburg Road, from CR-1 commercial residential mixed use district to C-3 with a limited use. Tallant proposes a hair salon for the property.

Resolutions gaining approval will:

Amend the 2020 budget for Jonesboro Economical Transportation to reflect additional spending as a result of a $2,633,991 federal grant under the CARES Act.

Enter into an agreement with the Delta Regional Authority for $509,000 in funding for an industrial rail expansion.

Authorize an application for an Access to Historical Records Archival Projects grant.

Enter into a new lease agreement with Continental Utility Solutions Inc for 8,250 square feet of space on the second floor of Municipal Center at a rate of $9,568 per month.

Accept a donation from the Sunderland Foundation toward construction of the Veterans Village Outreach Center.