JONESBORO — Prosecutors added a forgery charge to former Craighead County clerk Kade Holliday’s criminal case.

The new charge of first-degree forgery brings Holliday’s total to 15 criminal counts against him. The Second Judicial District’s first set of charges – 13 counts of theft and one count of abuse of office – were filed June 29.

County government officials allege Holliday stole nearly $1.6 million in public funds between Jan. 23 and June 24. Judge Marvin Day and Sheriff Marty Boyd turned the case over the local prosecutors and Arkansas State Police’s Criminal Investigation Division.

“These acts benefitted himself in the approximate amount of $1,579,057.03 and cause a deficit to Craighead County for unpaid payroll taxes and retirement contributions,” the probable cause affidavit reads.

Holliday was subsequently arrested and released from jail on a $150,000 bond. On July 31, the Jonesboro Police Department received a report alleging Holliday forged a woman’s signature on a liquor license application for The Edge Coffeehouse & Eatery.

The restaurant’s application was approved in March, said Scott Hardin, Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration communications director.

“Comparing the known signature of the victim to the signature on the document, it is clearly not the signature of the victim on the legal document and does not even appear to be close to the known signature of the victim,” JPD Detective Vic Brooks wrote in the incident report.

The police department forwarded the case to prosecutors and on Wednesday, they added a first-degree forgery charge to their criminal filing.

“It would be easy to ignore multiple other criminal violations by Mr. Holliday, in light of the severity of his crimes against the people of Craighead County. This office is committed to holding him accountable, no matter the charges. I appreciate the Jonesboro Police for the effort in resolving this case quickly,” Deputy Prosecutor Grant DeProw told The Sun on Thursday.

Hardin said DFA’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Division fraud investigation is ongoing. Results of the investigation will be forwarded to Director Doralee Chandler for review.

“Director Chandler will determine whether violations are issued along with the associated penalty,” he said. “For any ABC violation the penalty may range from a fine and brief probationary period all the way to license suspension or revocation. The permit holder is always provided the option to appeal.”

Holliday’s criminal trial will start with jury selection at 9 a.m. Nov. 9 at the Craighead County Courthouse, 511 S. Main St., Jonesboro.