JONESBORO — The police probe into a robbery that ended in a fatal crash has been closed with no arrests or charges filed.

The Jonesboro Police Department concluded that Lakita Davis, 35, and Tacorrion Golden, 20, both of Memphis, were involved in the Oct. 3 robbery of Dollar General, 5431 Southwest Drive.

Davis died during a police pursuit that followed. Golden, Octavia Jackson, 18, and a 16-year-old boy, were hospitalized at St. Bernards Medical Center.

Davis was the primary suspect in the case, as she was seen by an employee “taking boxes of the 5-Hour Energy drinks from the shelves near the cash register and taking them to an adjacent aisle, where she squatted down and looked as if she was putting the items into her backpack,” according to JPD’s final incident report.

The employee did, however, tell police that she didn’t actually see Davis taking or concealing the items, it read. In a call with 911 dispatchers, the complainant said Davis was unarmed.

Investigators found several energy drinks and “a large amount of lighters” reported stolen from Dollar General in Davis’ backpack.

The Dollar General cashier told police that she attempted to stop Davis from fleeing the scene and to get her tag number, the report stated. Video obtained by JPD showed Golden exit the vehicle, go in the trunk, cover the license plate with a shirt, close the trunk, return to the car and hit the employee with his door before they fled.

While some officers responded to the store, others participated in a high-speed chase with Davis, attempting to stop the vehicle with pursuit intervention techniques and spike strips.

“The pursuit went northbound on Caraway, eastbound on Phillips, north on Red Wolf and then continued southbound on I-555,” the report read.

Arkansas State Police took over the pursuit and was able to stop Davis’ Honda Civic using a PIT maneuver around the 38 mile interstate marker. JPD Officer Christopher Shull wrote that he saw “the vehicle go airborne and into a small patch of woods on the south side of the interstate.”

The vehicle overturned and crashed into a tree before it stopped, the report indicates. Davis was pronounced dead at the scene by Craighead County Coroner Toby Emerson.

“I was notified by hospital personnel that Octavia (Jackson) needed to be transported to The Med (Regional Medical Center) in Memphis due to an orbital fracture to her left eye socket,” Officer Kara Austin wrote.

Police seized a .45 caliber pistol and ammunition from the car at the scene. State police recovered four cellphones. Data from two of the phones showed searches of Little Rock stores.

A warrant search of the vehicle uncovered several MAC mascara boxes in Davis’ backpack and “two sacks from Hobby Lobby that continued numerous fan lily pads of different sizes and colors, along with two rolls of fur fabric.” A second backpack contained two pairs of brand-new Crocs with tags on them and several perfume bottles with Ulta Beauty tags were found in the car.

Through investigation, officers determined that the items were stolen from several stores in a Searcy strip mall, according to the report.

Video obtained from the Hobby Lobby in Searcy showed Davis and Jackson leaving with items from the store. The shoes were confirmed to be stolen from the Shoe Dept. Encore in Searcy using the tag barcodes.

“Davis is wearing the same clothing as what she was wearing in Jonesboro and can be seen leaving with Jackson with a cart and carrying the white fur fabric,” Detective Michael McCanless wrote.

As to the incident in Jonesboro, McCanless determined that Davis and Golden “showed clear intent to commit theft at the Dollar General on Southwest (Drive).”

“With the previous and continued criminal activity in Searcy, along with entering the store without legitimate purpose other than to commit theft, as well as the force used by Golden, it is believe that probable cause would exist to charge both Davis and Golden with robbery,” he wrote.

Because of Davis’ death and conflicting statements from Golden, JPD did not pursue an arrest or warrant for Golden. The case will be forwarded to prosecutors “for a final review of any formal charges,” the report read.