JONESBORO — No arrests have been made in the active police probe into the Monday night shooting at the Wolf Creek Apartments.

A 37-year-old man was injured in the incident, according to a report released Wednesday by the Jonesboro Police Department. He was transported to St. Bernards Medical Center for treatment, said Sally Smith, JPD public information specialist.

The nature of his gunshot wound was not documented in the incident report.

“As of (Tuesday) morning, the victim in (Monday)’s shooting is listed in stable condition,” Smith said.

Officers responded to the complainant’s call just before 11:15 p.m. regarding “an unwanted guest” at the her apartment, the report read.

“(She) had called and said that (the victim) was at the door and believe he was trying to kick it in. While en route to the call, dispatch advised that it was now a shooting and (the complainant) shot (the victim),” Officer Dustin McKenzie wrote.

The incident report was not released Tuesday because the department’s Criminal Investigation Division considered filing it with an amended criminal charge, Smith told The Sun. The document released Wednesday does, however, reflect that an arrest could be made for first-degree domestic battering causing serious physical injury.

The incident was logged Tuesday with the Class B felony as the criminal offense. No other charges were listed in the report.

A provision in current self-defense law states that an Arkansan is justified in using deadly physical force if he or she believes that the other person is “imminently endangering the person’s life or about to victimize the person ... from the continuation of a pattern of domestic abuse.”

The aggravating circumstances listed on the incident report are “domestic violence.”

The complainant, 33, is also listed as a suspect in the report. If formally charged, the suspect faces five to 20 years in an Arkansas Department of Corrections facility.