JONESBORO — The Jonesboro annual auditions for the National Guild of Piano Teachers were held July 18 in Riceland Hall of the Fowler Center at Arkansas State University.

The purpose of the auditions is to provide incentive for piano students and promote education in music through preparation and performance. They are noncompetitive and encompass students of all ages and levels of development and achievement.

Participants were awarded certificates, report cards, and gold pins.

Students may perform from one to 20 compositions, and can include musicianship phases of scales, chords, arpeggios, ear training, sight reading and transposition.

This is the second year for auditions in Jonesboro with were five teachers with 26 students enrolled in both live auditions and recorded submissions.

Teachers participating and their students were:

Lauren Schack Clark – Holly Farrah.

Dennis Hay – Lydia Bittle, MyKayla Cook and Amy Corbett.

Beverly Kyriakos – Jana Caang, Mia Caang, Hudson Duvall, Kenadi Duvall, Nina Henkelmann, Denise James, Joann Kim, Judy Kim, Jack Lee, Joseph Patton and Caroline Stiles.

Debbie Spencer – Vivian Anderson, Luke Bodeker, Maddisyn Jones and Keelie McClellan.

Laura Syc Watkins – Collins Baker, Kennedy Baker, Kaylee Diaz, Charlie Kelly, Daniel Leslie, Gabrielle Leslie and Samuel Winberry.

For more information about the National Guild of Piano Teachers and 2021 auditions visit www.piano