JONESBORO — Craighead County Quorum Court Justices of the Peace will be discussing the election coordinator position and the budget for that position in their upcoming meeting on Monday night.

The county was given incorrect information about the financial cost of hiring a full-time election coordinator and the cost associated with training the coordinator on election equipment.

According to an attachment in the county’s agenda, the county was promised it would save taxpayers an average cost of $27,000 in fees associated with programming ballot machines because full-time election coordinators would be trained on the equipment themselves instead of outsourcing.

Craighead County Judge Marvin Day said it was last year when the Craighead County Quorum Court members voted to change the part-time position of Craighead County Election Coordinator to full-time.

“It was Jeannette Robertson, chairman of the Election Commission Board, who made the initial presentation,” Day said. “She will make an update, and the board will be talking about the financial aspect. We will let the court decide if they want to continue the full-time position.”

County officials learned in 2020, there was incorrect information about the costs.

It would cost the county $7,000 to train Election Coordinator Jennifer Clack. The county would also be responsible for the $25,000 cost of the software licensing fee.

The county will be reviewing the budget of the Election Commission.

Also on Monday night’s agenda, JPs are expected to consider:

An ordinance to establish rates of taxation on personal and real property.

An ordinance to set forth policies and best practices for Fire District and annual reporting to the quorum court.

Justices of the Peace will meet at 5:30 p.m. in the basement of the Craighead County Courthouse Annex Building, 511 Union St., in Jonesboro.