JONESBORO — With one month to go, collections of Craighead County’s 1 percent sales tax this year has produced $1.1 million more than all of 2020 for county government and 10 municipalities, according to data provided by Craighead County Treasurer Terry McNatt.

In November, alone, the countywide tax produced $2,225,536 for the local governments. That’s 11.9 percent more than the same month last year.

The November revenue generally reflects consumer spending in September.

As for the City of Jonesboro’s separate 1 percent sales and use tax, collections rose by 10.7 percent for the month, to $1,958,880. For the year-to-date, the city-only tax has produced $20,891,798, about $855,000 more than all of last year.

The combination of the city and countywide taxes has provided Jonesboro with a total of $37,588,991, almost $2 million more than all of last year.

Collections in December, reflecting October economic activity, could be even higher. The U.S. Commerce Department reported Wednesday that, adjusting for inflation, consumer spending was up a solid 0.7 percent after a 0.3 percent inflation-adjusted gain in September, according to The Associated Press.

This was the second month since the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration changed its distribution formula to adjust for population shifts in the 2020 census. Brookland’s share of the countywide sales tax rose from 2.04 percent to 3.65 percent as a result of its growth. That city’s growth in revenue from the countywide tax is 31.6 percent, compared to this time last year.

November distribution of the Craighead County sales tax, with each entity’s percentage share of the money in parentheses and totals for the year:

Jonesboro – (70.6), $1,590,534, $16,697,193.

Craighead County – (16.8), $378,829, $4,313,871.

Bay – (1.69), $38,974, $437,767.

Black Oak – (0.21), $4,716, $62,054.

Bono – (2.17), $48,763, $525,710.

Brookland – (3.65), $82,263, $560,819.

Caraway – (1.02), $22,934, $302,747.

Cash – (0.25), $5,667, $90,016.

Egypt – (0.1), $2,287 $27,074.

Lake City – (2.09), $47,083, $512,494.

Monette – (1.35), $30,484, $362,498.