JONESBORO — A “massive” skeleton got away from a local business recently and the owner really wants it back.

The skeleton normally sits on a hay bale outside the Golden Grotto, 1717 Red Wolf Blvd. But employee Sarak Bierstedt told police Wednesday it disappeared over the weekend.

Bierstedt told police he and several employees noticed it missing Monday morning, but each assumed that one of the others had moved it because Halloween was over.

The skeleton’s owner reportedly bought the 10-foot skeleton in Louisiana more than 15 years ago and said it was worth about $1,200.

Bierstedt said the theft wasn’t likely a “one man job” because it usually takes three employees to carry it to and from storage.

Besides it’s size, Bierstedt said the skeleton is unique in that it was missing several fingertips off its left hand.