JONESBORO — Craighead and Greene counties had small upticks in new coronavirus cases Thursday, but the numbers remained low.

The Arkansas Department of Health reported 199 new cases statewide, including 151 confirmed through lab testing. The numbers were based on the results of about 6,400 tests.

Two deaths brought the statewide total to 5,662.

Hospitalizations dropped by nine to 141 compared to Wednesday. Of those 23 were on ventilators, an increase of three. In Northeast Arkansas, 18 COVID patients were in hospitals, a reduction of two from Wednesday. One person remained on a ventilator.

The Health Department reported the top counties for new cases were Pulaski, 31; Washington, 26; and Benton, 19. Craighead County had 15 new cases and Greene County had nine.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson said nearly 154,000 vaccines had been administered in the previous seven days statewide.

“Our hospitalizations and new cases continue to decline, but it’s important that we continue to get vaccinated to protect our fellow Arkansans,” Hutchinson said.

The state reports 324,287 people have recovered since the pandemic began in March 2020.

But there is growing evidence that those patients haven’t totally recovered.

A British study funded by its National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Oxford Health Biomedical Research Centre, showed one in three patients diagnosed with COVID-19 suffered neurological or psychiatric effects in the following six months.

The findings were published this week in the Lancet Psychiatric Journal, reflecting a study of 236,379 patients, mostly Americans, diagnosed with COVID-19.

Northeast Arkansas COVID-19 cases by county through Thursday.

Craighead – 11,399 confirmed (up 15 from Wednesday), 1,730 probable (unchanged), 68 active cases (up 9); 157 confirmed deaths, 19 probable.

Greene – 4,806 confirmed (up 6), 1,235 probable (up 3); 42 active (up 8); 63 confirmed deaths, 12 probable.

Lawrence – 1,669 confirmed (unchanged), 404 probable (up 1); 5 active (up 1); 39 confirmed deaths, 4 probable.

Poinsett – 2,720 confirmed (up 2), 401 probable both (unchanged); 10 active (up 1); 61 confirmed deaths, 15 probable.

Mississippi – 5,133 confirmed (up 6), 639 probable (unchanged); 24 active cases (up 3); 90 confirmed deaths, 16 probable.

Jackson – 2,432 confirmed, 778 probable (both unchanged); 6 active cases (down 2); 23 confirmed deaths, 15 probable.

Randolph – 1,577 confirmed, 492 probable (both unchanged); 17 active cases (up 1); 35 confirmed deaths, 12 probable.

Cross – 1,505 confirmed (up 1), 425 probable (unchanged); 12 active cases (unchanged); 46 confirmed deaths, 3 probable.

Clay – 1,329 confirmed, 394 probable (both unchanged); 2 active cases (unchanged) 36 firmed deaths, 14 probable.