As you may have guessed with my absence on this page the past couple of weeks, I was on a real vacation for the first time in two years.

At the very moment that Russia and China are facing more pressure from Western governments to stop malicious cyberattacks, they’ve announced a pact to work together for new rules to control cyberspace.

With the COVID-19 Delta variant currently surging out of control in Arkansas and with only 35 percent of our population vaccinated and with the start of a new school year here are the Top 20 reasons for getting the Vaccine:

Jonesboro applied for a $20 million federal grant to build the first 26 miles of a 46.2-mile "happy trails" in its perimeter. The city is required to add $4 million in matching funds, some of which can come from partners, like ASU. Approval of all or part of the money, all taxpayer funds, is…

I appreciate Renay Williams willingness to discuss LGBTQ matters. I’m also grateful for the editor’s fairness in printing both sides. A google search shows many numbers of genders from pro-LGBTQ websites. My reference to “72 genders” was from one of those sites, not from a transphobic meme.

The recent campaign finance reports in the Arkansas governor’s race offered what was expected among Republicans and suspected among Democrats.

The death toll from the tragic condo collapse in Florida is nearing 100. Immediately following the collapse, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis called for a comprehensive investigation into the reasons behind the collapse to perhaps stop another collapse.

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences was scheduled to release an updated COVID-19 forecast on Tuesday for Arkansas, and it was going to be an ominous one.

Over coffee a few days ago, I was shooting the bull with a couple other liberal-minded, undercover, extraterrestrial lizards. My best friend, earth-name, Joe, says to me, "Drrmmmpht (Calvin), any word yet on how these Q-Anons and Party of Trump deplorable Republicans found out about our affi…

“Those who fail to remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” This wise saying has been around for a long time, and it is just as true today as it was when the first person said it.

In Arkansas, it’s OK to kill your family, your neighbor, even strangers who cross your path.

Article IV of the Constitution addresses the obligations of the federal government to the state governments that were being asked to surrender aspects of their sovereignty to form our new Union.

You may not have heard of Wright’s Barbecue or Dalton Wagner, but both will be working to change that – without the threat of being penalized – thanks to the NCAA’s new “name, image and likeness” rules, or NIL.

Traveling to Philadelphia Tuesday, President Joe Biden laid out in apocalyptic terms the gravity of the “threat” to American democracy from Republican efforts to reform and rewrite state election laws.

By any standard, Zaila Avant-garde is a remarkable 14-year-old girl with a positive and compelling outlook on life.

Good News! Code Enforcement will begin sweeping the town looking for trash and unsightly items littering lawns and streets. That's a good thing because many of our subdivisions are looking like slums. Vehicles are parked on both sides of the street allowing for a single lane of traffic; camp…

Recently, a story on the front page of the Jonesboro Sun was about Lake City’s very successful fundraiser to make improvements to their city park, which is named for Wayne “Biscuits” Short. It reminded me to put a story about him in writing.

I think it’s safe to say we’re all a little disappointed in Arkansas right now. As a Jonesboro native with family across the state, I've seen firsthand this region’s robust sense of pride and dignity. Which is why I find it so surprising that we’re just rolling over and letting this COVID si…

Jake Bequette and Sen. John Boozman both played football for the Arkansas Razorbacks, but in announcing his bid to take Boozman’s seat Monday, Bequette followed the playbook of Arkansas’ other senator, Tom Cotton.

In the July 7 edition, Mr. Blackford wrote, "We can talk about love and kindness without tying it to a sexual movement."

This is my response to the editorial cartoon entitled “How to avoid getting overheated this summer.”

Why do the two hospitals in Jonesboro not require workers to be vaccinated for COVID-19? When I first learned of this while talking to a local hospital worker, I almost couldn't believe it. I had assumed that any medical business would absolutely do everything they could to protect their patients.

As the economy began recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, journalists and economists began to notice a “K” shape to the recovery. Some sectors in the economy were doing well, while the rest of the economy was still in recession. The pattern of our current recovery highlights what many have…

Are the Democrats headed for their Little Bighorn, with President Joe Biden as Col. Custer? The wish, you suggest, is father to the thought. Yet, consider.

Retirement plans warn of a “penalty for early withdrawal.” Might that also apply to the withdrawal of American and NATO forces from Afghanistan?

As in Vietnam from 1965 to 1973, the year our prisoners of war came home, America did not lose a major battle in Afghanistan.

Here’s one issue that both the left and right should be able to agree on: Fund the police. Specifically, the tax police.

As our July Fourth celebrations were beginning, the U.S. quietly closed and abandoned Bagram Air Base, the largest American military base between the Persian Gulf and the South China Sea.

Is there anyone who can say what is always right and always wrong and present an unchanging standard by which all behavior can be judged?

Respect LBGT rights or get out of the EU, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte instructed Hungary’s Viktor Orban at last week’s gathering of the European Union in Brussels.

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