My niece and her boyfriend stopped overnight at our home last weekend on their way back to New York City from Austin, Texas, where they had been visiting his parents and other family in Texas.

Paul Kengor, a professor of political science at Grove City College in Grove City, Penn., has just published “The Devil and Karl Marx,” a careful look at the diabolical side of Karl Marx.

“There is no ... sound reason for the United States to continue sacrificing precious lives and treasure in a conflict not directly connected to our safety or other vital national interests.”

"We the people" decide who will be president. Here's a few of President Donald Trump's accomplishments and promises kept while fighting off hate, lies, fake news, impeachment and the Washington swamp.

To the people who say, “you can’t hold Trump responsible for the China virus” — there is no such thing as a China virus — let me be the first to point out, you are wrong. But that is what you wanted.

Mr. Jim Taylor responded to my statement that “A Christian is the best friend any government can have.” I had stated that Christ and his apostles never advocated overthrowing the government and they taught Christians to obey the laws, pay their taxes and to pray for government officials. His…

On hearing that President Donald Trump sat for 18 interviews with Bob Woodward of The Washington Post my first reaction was “what the...” Why Woodward?

With the election drawing closer each day I want to address something that I hear repeated from time to time that bothers me. It’s a statement that usually goes something like this: “I just can’t vote for Trump because he’s just too coarse, or he’s too ill mannered or too offensive.”

Two months ago, I wrote that one Arkansas political campaign at least will be interesting: the 2nd Congressional District race between incumbent Rep. French Hill, R-Ark., and state Sen. Joyce Elliott, D-Little Rock.

An interesting thing happened to Sen. Tom Cotton on his way to the 2024 presidential campaign: President Donald Trump included him Wednesday on his not-very-short list for his next Supreme Court nominee.

After nearly three and a half years as The Sun’s managing editor, I find myself saying goodbye – or at least adieu – to friends new and old.

In the upcoming election in November in Arkansas there will be three amendments on the ballot. In the Sunday, Aug. 30 edition of The Jonesboro Sun each of these three amendments were thoroughly explained. I sincerely appreciate this, and I would like to provide some additional personal input…

Conservative and Christian are not synonymous terms. Nowhere in the Bible will we find God declaring a party. He indeed declares he is “I am that I am, Alpha and Omega, the Most High,” and more.

I read with interest the column by Gary Latanich, the ASU professor. He is obviously a well-educated man, which baffles me that he considers Social Security an entitlement.

Being born very near the historic St. Francis River has caused me to keep an interest in it. I have spent a considerable amount of time reading and writing about it, plus I’ve hunted and fished on it for decades.

If the coronavirus had a voice, it would be singing praises to Trump and his acolytes. It would be giving fist pumps to university students as they party hardy back on campus. Bar patrons, enjoying their quarantini’s while crammed together, would also deserve applause.

In matters of race and other social phenomena, there is a tendency to believe that what is seen today has always been.

Just as important as Election Day is what almost always happens on election night: The loser bravely congratulates the winner and accepts the people’s will, the winner congratulates the loser on a hard-fought campaign, and the rest of us turn off the TV, go to bed and continue going about ou…

In the current issue of the The Atlantic magazine, high-ranking but unnamed sources reported on Trump's disparaging comments about military service members and even casualties of war. To attempt a defense, Trump went on the record saying, "What animal would say such a thing?”

My reaction to the announcement that Barnes & Noble would not reopen their store in Turtle Creek Mall following the destruction of last spring's tornado didn't shock me.

I read, with great interest, Dick Blackford's advertisement. I found it to be quite informative.

Let’s be honest, entitlements have a bad reputation in some circles in American society. Critics claim that we’re becoming an entitlement society where too many people feel that they are due or “entitled” to government assistance.

With the presidential election only weeks away, things are turning nasty!

I recently started a part-time job as a 2020 Census Enumerator. My time as an enumerator takes me all over the city. I have been upset, appalled and concerned by what I’ve encountered when going to the Lindsey Management property off Kristy Lake, Park Lake apartments.

With all of the construction and improvements that's going on in Jonesboro, can the traffic light on Red Wolf and Parker Road get a turn signal?

To harass: trouble by repeated attacks, incursions; to disturb persistently; torment, pester or persecute.

Check out any professional and most college basketball teams. Their starting five, and most of their other 10 players, are black, as is 80 percent of the NBA. This does not come anywhere close to the diversity and inclusion sought by the nation’s social justice warriors.

The ouster of Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. over allegations of sexual misconduct and other behavior that falls short of the university’s code of conduct – not to mention Scripture – is another in a long list of object lessons each generation of Christians seems to have to l…

Where do cowboys come from? In my family’s case, they came from a farm in Ohio. My cousins Del and Dana were raised on that farm but had an itch to go to rodeo school out in Texas. And in due time they became cowboys, the real kind, cowpokes who fix fences, brand cattle and sleep soundly in …

It is natural but more than a little obscene to focus on the electoral implications of political violence. How do armed skirmishes poll in Maricopa County? How does arson play in Florida’s 13th District? Who gets a bump when Americans threaten to kill each other in the streets? It is like fo…

The two political conventions are finally over. To paraphrase Charles Dickens, one convention promoted the best of times, the other the worst of times.