‘He preached as a dying man to dying men.” Rev. John Burns’ congregation in Lawrence, Mass., knew he was suffering from a fatal kidney disease and was in his last days on earth. “As the taper of life grew shorter, he preached the gospel with all the grace of novelty.”

The 2021 legislative session won’t be the “greatest of all time,” or “GOAT,” as Gov. Asa Hutchinson described the one in 2019. But it will be one of the weirdest, and probably one of the briefest – or maybe the longest.

The Arkansas State University Museum has served the public for decades, providing Northeast Arkansas and the people of Jonesboro with access to its rich cultural history.

‘I’m stressed,” is a pretty common sentiment right now. COVID-19 coupled with the tumultuous election season means that adults and children all over the state are feeling anxious, depressed or overwhelmed.

A recent story about the circuit-judge-elect for two southeastern Arkansas counties underlined a problem with the state’s nonpartisan judicial election system. It’s not the only one, of course, but this one has a simple legislative remedy.

Thanksgiving is a great time for counting our blessings and expressing gratitude. In challenging times, an attitude of gratitude is all the more important, and this year has been one of the most difficult for so many!

I have been increasingly aware of the need for thankfulness during this season. All of us are going through difficult times and circumstances and it is so easy to dwell on the negative facts and influences affecting our lives.

This nation’s empirical and inquisitive Founders considered information conducive to improvement, which is one reason the Constitution mandates a decennial census. And why James Madison soon proposed expanding the census beyond mere enumeration to recording other data.

With the Pentagon’s announcement that U.S. forces in Afghanistan will be cut in half – to 2,500 – by inauguration day, after 19 years, it appears the end to America’s longest war may be in sight.

The Trump legal team’s move over the weekend to distance itself from attorney Sidney Powell as it seeks to overturn the Nov. 3 election results is a major blow to the president’s attempt to win a second term.

Last summer, Christopher Krebs, the government’s top election security official, began rebutting President Donald Trump’s baseless claims about the danger of massive election fraud. This week he got fired for standing his ground. Bravo for that.

You present to a physician with severe abdominal pain. He examines you and concludes that your ingrown toenails are the cause of your abdominal distress.

I’m tired of hearing about COVID-19 from politicians, media blowhards and all the self-appointed experts who don’t know what they’re talking about. I want to hear what doctors have to say. This week, they spoke.

Recently in my neighbor of Timber Ridge Drive there have been several things taken from my front yard.

Following the recent election, it's time to say a word of thanks to all the poll workers who risked their health to courteously assist us in casting a secure ballot.

Joe Biden is calling for unity now following the election. How do we define this "unity," because the Democrats are obviously the party of "unity"?

Thanksgiving is coming, for which not everyone is thankful – certainly not the governor and some of the state’s medical and epidemiological professionals who have been trying to keep you-know-what under control.

God says in Genesis Chapter 8: "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, day and night shall not cease." Period!

Many agree that COVID-19 education policy has been unfair to the poor, the rural and those with family members with health risks, all because of various degrees of access to reliable internet.

My wife and I have been isolating since the first week in March. Nine months and counting.

A volatile 2020 is rapidly drawing to a close, perhaps to our collective relief. Everyday acts of heroism and resilience have become inspiringly commonplace. But a succession of social and political challenges, coupled with the upheavals of the COVID-19 pandemic, have made us all feel like e…

Because of Donald Trump, Vice President Joe Biden thundered during the campaign, the U.S. “is more isolated in the world than we’ve ever been ... America First has made America alone.”

Two weeks after the defeat of a president who campaigned against globalization, former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg will gather the Davos crowd for a virtual conference. The event next week is called the “New Economy Forum,” but a subtitle might be “Back to the Future.”

Evangelical Christians have unquestionably been a loyal and largely unmovable base of support for President Donald Trump since he has been in office and in some cases before. Should the election results not be overturned by recounts or court decisions, where do they go and what should they do?

I do not enjoy wearing a mask. And I do not know one person who wakes up in the morning and says, “This is going to be a great day because I get to wear a mask.”

Another newspaper report of a shooting involving several people. Such redacted reports from the Jonesboro Police Department are largely useless for specific newsworthy information except for the purpose of gossip.

Over the past four years I have read several, and responded to at least two, letters to the editor admonishing The Sun's readers to support President Donald Trump because he had been chosen by God to lead our great nation.

Even though votes are still being counted for the 2020 presidential election, the 2024 race has already begun. It’s ramping up even sooner than normal because the presumed president-elect, Joe Biden, is almost 78 years old and may not run for re-election.