It’s time to form a coalition of “America’s Menders.” They will include members with different political views or no political views setting synergistic goals to mend, to heal and to build this country into one that works for “All of Us”. A challenge requiring “mender expertise” from all walks of life working together to make sure the best, long-term “inclusive solutions” become reality.

Some synonyms for the word menders are: doctors, renovators, repairers,

Jack-of-all-trades, mechanics, repairmen, servicemen, cleaners, builders, handymen, troubleshooters, tinkers, inventors, and do-it-yourselfers. It’s a broad and inclusive term. We all have a part to play, working to achieve common good, long-term solutions for a thriving society. A society where each person is respected, productive and thus “essential” for making sure we renew and maintain America’s international excellence.

Sharon Thomas