I recently started a part-time job as a 2020 Census Enumerator. My time as an enumerator takes me all over the city. I have been upset, appalled and concerned by what I’ve encountered when going to the Lindsey Management property off Kristy Lake, Park Lake apartments.

Standing water (and this was before all the rain), rusty stairs leading to apartments, complex building identifiers falling off as to be unreadable so it is impossible to tell whether the building is “E” or “H”. The Willows at 726 SW Drive.

A bridge over a drainage ditch leads from buildings N, M, L, I, J, K, P, C, A, B, F, G, H to the first buildings one encounters when traveling into the complex, buildings D and E. There is no sidewalk on either side of the bridge. You have to walk through the grass. One building has a board placed on the top step leading to the upstairs apartments that is not secured.

I’ve talked to residents who tell me there are roaches, no air conditioning, and leaking plumbing. I believe the part about the roaches and the plumbing because I’ve seen the roaches outside the units and I’ve seen the standing water (again before all the rain).

Code enforcement has their hands tied due to the lack of power to enforce because of existing ordinances. So I will end by asking, how did this happen and why isn’t something being done about it?

Elise Cater