Our whole world is going through a terrible time with this coronavirus. I didn't dream anything like this could happen in my lifetime or anybody's lifetime.

Stores are closed, churches closed, cafes, barbershops, etc. People with families to care for are out of work. We have to stay 6 feet apart, no gathering of more than 10, wear a face mask and rubber gloves. Either order groceries and food and pick it up or have it delivered. The world is really a mess.

I remember Pearl Harbor. The beginning of our part in World War II. I was only 10 years old, but I remember the day we heard it on our battery-operated radio. At that time we had no electricity. Some in our area did.

There were nine of us living in a small house by the railroad track when the war began. My three older brothers joined the Navy. My Dad was a sailor in the first World War. Times were bad then. So much was needed to send to our young men serving us.

There were shortages of everything here. The government made each of us a book with stamps in it. We had to have everything rationed, could only buy one pair of leather shoes a year, but that was more than we could afford anyway. We went barefoot when the weather was OK.

My mom would go to the grocery store and stand in line to get a small piece of fatback, lard or washing powder. She would trade our coffee stamps to our meat peddler for sugar stamps. The tea she made with saccharin wasn't good.

My mom had a brother killed in a plane over Germany and my husband had an uncle who was also killed in this war. We lost so many young men in our small town, just kids around 18 and 20.

It is bad for us now, and it was really bad then. It is awful here now, but we are not getting the dreaded telegrams saying missing or worse.

Betty Lou Smith Brown