If Joe Biden raises taxes by $4 trillion or ends fracking, I feel it will cost American jobs and make us energy dependent on other nations again.

If Medicare for all, including illegal immigrants, is ever passed I think our border will be flooded again. Good luck getting in to see a doctor as I don't see this being sustainable.

If regulations that President Donald Trump got rid of are reinstated, this will send our jobs back to China, destroying the great economy that Trump built. I definitely don't want rolling blackouts like California has over climate change policies.

From what I have seen, defunding police causes increased crime, so don't be deceived by those using the words "re-directing, re-adjusting or re-imagining."

I don't see how anyone who saw Biden in the Democrat debates and on other television appearances can deny he has mental challenges.

I can't see Biden negotiating or standing up to world leaders like Trump has, and I don't think Kamala Harris can laugh or giggle her way through negotiations with world leaders.

Why wouldn't Biden take questions from the news media for several weeks after making speeches instead of just walking away?

Compare Biden's 47 years against Trumps 45 months of accomplishments. I think the Democrats are pushing for mass mail-in ballots because the fraud and unaccountability of these ballots are their best chance of winning. Say goodbye to the tradition of knowing the election results the night of or next day.

Diane Parnell