Remember the 1937 Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movie "Shall We Dance" featuring the song "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off"? Of course you do ("You say to-may-to; I say to-mah-to."). I believe this Gershwin brothers tune should be the theme song for 2020. For those asking why, let me enlighten you.

Months ago, following Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, the nation's non-essential businesses were shut down. People, for the most part, sheltered in place. When patronizing essential businesses, people paid heed to social distancing with most wearing protective masks.

The country was well on its way to decreasing the number of coronavirus infections. After only a brief period of following the CDC's guidelines, however, our unqualified, Republican, so-called president decided the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans was much more preferable to an economic downturn that might make him look bad during an election year.

So, here we are. Still in the first phase of an ever-increasing national outbreak of COVID-19 cases — with no end in sight. It's time to call the whole thing (year) off, and hit the reset button. Yes, that requires starting over again. Had Trump and his sycophant Republican governors (including Arkansas' Hutchinson) not attempted an early re-opening of non-essential businesses, we would, probably, be seeing a big decline in coronavirus cases by now.

Now, Trump and his equally obtuse, fawning, Republican governors are planning to reopen the nation's schools and expose children, teachers and other school staff to the virus (but not Trump's son, Baron, whose private school with remain closed.)

Twelve players and coaches with the Miami Marlins pro baseball team have contracted coronavirus, but the team plans to continue its season. It's all about the money. The same goes for other professional and collegiate sports —possibly even high school sports. Money "Trumps" everything.

So, "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off" once again for 2020, including: in-class schools and universities, non-essential businesses, churches, beaches, large gatherings and all team sports, both professional and amateur.

According to scientists, doctors and epidemiologists, this virus can be neither slowed nor stopped when medical guidelines are ignored and half-measures are employed. I tend to follow the advice of scientists and medical professionals over the advice of politicians.

Calvin Clements