I'm sick of hearing phrases like "no one is above the law" from the very people who think they are above the law, such as politicians who should be spending life in prison for lies and corruption and in courtrooms where criminals now have more rights than parents or law-abiding citizens and from members of the Biden administration who think they are above the law with their open borders, letting hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into our country.

How can you take care of immigrants when you can't take care of your own citizens when it comes to homelessness, hunger, military veterans and military families who are struggling, senior citizens and many families who can't afford food, gas, medicine or medical treatment?

I'm sick of hearing labels like homophobic, zenophobic, racists, white supremacists, cancel culture, reparations, inclusive, etc. These self-centered whining brats need to get busy living their own lives instead of trying to live others, preferably in another country since they hate this one.

The mayors and governors of these states that allowed destruction and violence in their streets and refused to call in the National Guard or give police the resources they needed are responsible for every person harmed and killed and for every business or property that was damaged, and they should be the ones on trial, prosecuted and imprisoned along with the judges who refuse to apply the law and punish these criminals.

Why are the big-mouthed protesters with bull horns inciting riots not prosecuted? Criminals now have more rights than law-abiding citizens because we have incompetent people who hate this country in positions they are not qualified for making stupid decisions. And you can't fix stupid!

Diane Parnell