We were all glad to see the end of 2020, but after Wednesday’s treason march in Washington, D.C., I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet.

Wednesday’s events were just 2021’s way of telling 2020: “Hold my beer.”

The moronic, seditious effort by Trump Republicans to suck up to a lame-duck, one-term president by objecting to the electoral college certification – citing baseless rumors of voter fraud – went sideways Wednesday when a mob of thugs flying Trump flags stampeded into the Capitol.

Before the country, and the world, watched in horror as a wave of Trump flag-waving scum broke into the nation’s Capitol and terrorized the senators and representatives as they went about the people’s business, a number of elected officials had already announced their plans to attempt to thwart the will of the people and overturn the 2020 election results.

Of course, like everything the Trump Administration touches, it all ended in tears.

After all the chaos, Congress reconvened Wednesday night and confirmed President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris as the next lawfully elected administration.

Cheers to Arkansas’ Rep. Steve Womack and Sen. Tom Cotton, who were on the right side of history before Treason Wednesday when they came out against the Republican wack-a-doodle plot to overturn the November election results.

Cotton, one of the more outspoken conservatives in Congress, said he would not oppose the counting of certified electoral votes on Jan. 6.

“I’m grateful for what the president accomplished over the past four years, which is why I campaigned vigorously for his reelection. But objecting to certified electoral votes won’t give him a second term – it will only embolden those Democrats who want to erode further our system of constitutional government.”

Cotton said he favors further investigation of any election problems, separate from the counting of the certified Electoral College results.

Womack, in a column issued Wednesday, said: “I believe it is necessary to return to the language of the Constitution. It clearly states the Congress’ role is to COUNT the votes. Any deviation from that process is at a minimum constitutionally suspect, and likely to open the door for the federalization of elections and the demise of the Electoral College – both long term goals of liberal Democrats.”

Womack also came out against the rioting Trump supporters who disrupted the effort by Congress to approve the electoral votes and stormed the Capitol at President Trump’s not-so-subtle direction.

Kudos also to Vice President Mike Pence, who stood up to the bully president. Pence made clear in a 2½-page letter sent to lawmakers Wednesday afternoon that he planned to fulfill his constitutional duties and certify the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, in spite of Trump’s veiled threats.

Jeers to Donald Trump, who drove the soft rebellion by suggesting Pence overstep his authority and discount the electoral votes for Biden. Then, perhaps because he saw the writing on the wall, Trump tried another tact by winding up his red-capped stooges.

In a speech to the MAGA crowd from the Ellipse outside the White House, Trump urged his backers to march to the Capitol, saying he would go with them, but instead he returned to the White House as the insurrection unfolded.

The protesters turned seditionists were in D.C. at Trump’s bidding after Trump spent weeks whipping up his supporters with false allegations of fraud in the Nov. 3 election, culminating in a call to march to the building that represents U.S. democracy.

Trump supporters turned out in the thousands and heard the president urge them to march on the Capitol building to express their anger at the voting process and to pressure their elected officials to reject the results, Reuters reported.

“We’re going to walk down to the Capitol and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators and Congressmen and women,” Trump said, standing in front of the White House.

Trump worked for weeks to thwart a peaceful transfer of power, aided by groups such as “Stop the Steal,” which promoted stopthesteal.us the day’s protest and peddled false claims about voter fraud on Facebook and other social media.

“We will never give up, we will never concede,” Trump said, delighting the crowd by calling Democratic victories the product of what he called “explosions of bull----.”

Once the poop hit the fan, President-Elect Biden had to go on TV and try to calm things down. After Biden stepped up, Trump released a video in which he lied about “winning by a landslide” but having the election stolen, and then he said he loves the rioters and called them “special people.”

Finally, jeers to Richard Barnett of Gravette (Benton County), who gave Arkansans a black eye by breaking into Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office while trespassing in the Capitol, and then had the bright idea of posting a photo of himself with his feet up on her desk.

If that wasn’t enough, Barnett then bragged to the New York Times about his trespassing and theft, showing a reporter a letter he’d taken from her desk.

According to the New York Times, Barnett, 60, stood outside the Capitol, his shirt ripped open and his chest bared to the cold, loudly bragging about how he had broken into the speaker’s office.

“I wrote her a nasty note, put my feet up on her desk,” Barrett told the Times reporter. Barrett held an envelope with the speaker’s letterhead that he had taken from Pelosi’s office.

Barrett insisted he had not stolen it – “I put a quarter on her desk.”

When the police came in with pepper spray, Barrett told officers, “’I paid for this, it’s mine,’ and I left.”

Thanks to Barrett, Gravette, Ark., was trending on Twitter. That should make it easy for the FBI to find him once he returns home.

I hope Barrett keeps the envelope. Maybe Pelosi will be his pen pal once he’s behind bars.

Randal Seyler, editor of The Courier, can be reached at 479-968-5252, Ext. 539, or rseyler@couriernews.com.