After a period of trying hard to mind my own business I am morally compelled to respond to a letter to the editor in the July 21 issue of The Sun. I refer to the letter by Diane Young under the heading "Prisoner."

In a perfect world my advice to people who feel inconvenienced by wearing a mask would be "Go ahead. Go barefaced. Exercise your sacred right to become sick and possibly die. There are already too many of you anyway!"

But wearing a mask is not about protecting the mask wearer. It is about protecting the people that person might otherwise have infected. And the bottom line is that no one is entitled to make that decision for other people. Reasonable people don't spit on each other. How is it more reasonable to breathe deadly germs on each other?

When you are in a lifeboat with other people and the boat springs a leak, you are not entitled to do nothing on the grounds that the leak isn't on your end of the boat. The entire boat is in danger of sinking.

Toddlers, being too immature to understand the consequences of their actions, frequently throw tantrums to demand acquiescence to their selfish wants. Adults should put aside childish behavior.

Bob Long