In response to Gregory Hanson’s letter Sunday. He spoke about Rick Crawford’s changing his legacy. I have to say I disagree.

I wrote to Congressman Crawford to voice my opinion on his actions. I asked him to do some soul-searching on his actions of the last few years, but especially of Jan. 6. I don’t know but one would assume that when he ran for office he had intentions of helping all the people of Arkansas.

I feel he got entwined in the wealth and power of holding an elected office. I have written to him on several occasions but not received any response. I assumed that he didn’t care what I had to say because I was a Democrat.

If not for his actions of last week I might say he could still change but not anymore. The damage that was done to our beautiful nation's Capitol was the direct result of lies and conspiracy theories by the president and his enablers. Rick Crawford is one of those enablers and for that reason I feel he should resign from office. He has broken his oath of office and lost all credibility that goes with the honor of serving the American people.

Like so many others I’ve seen trying to change their story in the aftermath of Jan. 6, I believe it is only to save face politically and that won’t fly. Rick Crawford should resign now and let Arkansas put someone in Washington who will represent all Arkansans.

Briane Trevathan