Mr. Jim Taylor responded to my statement that “A Christian is the best friend any government can have.” I had stated that Christ and his apostles never advocated overthrowing the government and they taught Christians to obey the laws, pay their taxes and to pray for government officials. His response was: “I’d suggest he has never heard of Adolf Hitler.”

Hitler was responsible for the deaths of many millions, causing an innumerable number of orphans and he also conducted many medical experiments on unwilling prisoners. Jesus murdered no one. He went about doing good. Christ and his apostles prayed for the Jewish people and Jesus prayed for their forgiveness. Hitler was no follower of Christ, despite his or Mr. Taylor’s claims.

I am an independent voter and don’t publicly endorse candidates lest they stand in the way of having a Bible study with someone. That is far more important than who wins an election. Nor do I feel compulsion to defend candidates for there is plenty of blame to go around.

However, I am willing to defend the gospel of Christ.

Dick Blackford