It is with amusement that I read letters to the editor written by educated people, or people who seem to be educated. They usually cite great figures of economics and how this has affected our country. I am a common man and don’t understand most of what they write. They all seem to dislike, very much, President Donald Trump. As a common man, may I share some numbers that I do understand.

For instance, I have not paid over $2 a gallon for gas for some time now. My utility bills have been lower. My working children have paid less taxes. Most of these figures are results of policies enacted by President Trump, and to do this he had to fight not only Democrats, but most of the Republicans. In other words, we, the American people, had the audacity to elect a non-politician president and as a result the swamp, the corrupt swamp, reacted just as expected. Thanks, Mr. Trump, for revealing our government for what it has become, a den of corruption.

In a recent letter, Stephen Replogle, asked the Republican party to return to what it was. No, thank you, Mr. Replogle! While I detest the Democrat Party and all that they stand for, they will at least fight for their beliefs. Yes, unlike our Republican Party, they will fight — Republicans like Lindsay Graham, who has spent millions of dollars investigating every thing in Washington and has never convicted anyone. That money would surely help many people who have lost so much during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr. Graham is not worried about money; after all, he and all government officials have not missed a single paycheck.

Now, we have Joe Biden as president. Mr. Biden has spent his whole adult life living on hard-working American’s taxes.

The thing that infuriates me most is this. People in Washington think that we, the common people, are too stupid to see what they are trying to do to us and our children and, sadly, by not standing up, we are proving them right.

No, Mr. Replogle, I do not want the old Republican Party. I want a new party, a party of common people, a party fed up with Washington. I hope Mr. Trump will work to start such a party. The time has come!

The only thing that will save this country is a return to God. It is time for pastors to speak out against the Democrat Party. Jesus Christ spoke out many times against the ruling parties of his time. Again, it is time!

In our own city of Jonesboro, it is easy to see how government feels about common people. While they find money for shooting range bathrooms and money for walking and biking trails, they can’t seem to find any money to fix the potholes in the streets. Common people drive over those potholes, our cars are damaged by those potholes, yet the potholes remain unfixed. Makes me wonder which government official owns an interest in a wheel alignment shop!

Larry McNair