In Arkansas, it’s OK to kill your family, your neighbor, even strangers who cross your path.

Belligerent ignorance is not a defense; in fact, it’s an incriminating characteristic; key to a criminal profile.

Deliberately refusing to be vaccinated against a deadly contagion qualifies one as a domestic terrorist. A terrorist who can kill you. Just because their weapon isn’t visible doesn’t mean they’re not armed and dangerous.

They are.

If they inflict harm on you, they don’t care. They’re indiscriminate and indifferent.

With the COVID Delta variant spreading at alarming speed infecting and killing Arkansans every day, there’s a more alarming mindset among Arkansans that the virus is a Democratic hoax; its harmfulness overstated by the fake media and the vaccine that can protect them and others from dying is a specious fraud.

Yes, these mental spark plugs get their health prescriptions, not from medical professionals, but from carnival barkers. How else can we explain their belief that the COVID vaccine causes their foreheads to magnetize, it sterilizes fertile women and it’s less effective than ingesting toxic disinfectants?

We would all know how many of our pets are idiots if they could talk and refuse to take their rabies vaccines. To know there are thousands of people in our community, our state — millions across America who are dumber than a ferret and should be caged, removed from social intercourse, is an inconvenient truth. At least our inoculated pets have to wear tags to “prove” they’ve been vaccinated and not a health risk to others.

I need to know who’s unvaccinated. I need to know who is a walking time bomb and a lethal threat to me and the larger community.

I need to know who’s in my space who possesses the mental acuity of a cow patty and the moral baseness of a serial killer.

These are dangerous people. Potential killers. We have the right to know who they are.

Harry Herget

Little Rock