I cannot accustom myself to the idea of a government subsidized newspaper even if I am subsidized along with reporters and advertisers.

This will last only for a short time perhaps. If it lasts longer, that will be more undesirable. I do not want a newspaper in the same category of Tass or Pravda of the old Soviet Union or the present versions. I would take them free of cost but I would know what I was getting.

Likewise, with a government-supported version of The Sun. When the subsidy bill expires then comes a bill to renew and continue the subsidy. Once started such a support system will predictably never cease. It will become like the farm subsidies continuing from the Depression until now.

Newspapers receiving assistance protesting strongly that it is not really welfare and urging it continue indefinitely, just like farmers receiving similar subsidies. The government will start to be forbidden to influence reporting and content. That will last about a week.

Newspapers have always had dubious content influenced by owners, advertisers and governments. This proposition is different. The government would soon be acting as publisher.

Would government inserted or influenced material be featured in green ink? I will not hold my breath.

I have some sympathy for financial problems of modern newspapers, but these existed prior to COVID-19. If this happens, The Sun will lose credibility the same with other newspapers taking the subsidy; do not go here. Raise prices if necessary.

Harold Carter