I was happy to hear Rep. Brandt Smith speak at this week's quorum court meeting about funding allocations for the county library.

He had been upset to learn many people thought he was warning the board to segregate LGBTQIA+ friendly material away from the children/YA sections, or else face funding repercussions. He reiterated what he merely wanted to suggest was that if the library doesn't segregate LGBTQIA+ friendly material away from the children/YA sections, it might face funding repercussions. I appreciated this clarification.

Speaking of the library board, Judge Marvin Day answered a question concerning the vetting process for nominees by responding in part that he looks for individuals who can make the board more inclusive.

When I contrast that response with the fact that at this week’s board meeting sitting member Mark Nichols was offering copies of a Christian anti-LGBTQIA+ educational video to public attendees, I worry that Judge Day is using “inclusive” to mean something more specific to his faith than that of the public interest the library serves.

There are full media recordings by KLEK of at least three library board meetings with extensive public comment from diverse folks baring their souls. I know he’s busy, but I hope Judge Day can find time to listen to these people and amend his vetting process in order to appoint board members who will be truly inclusive of them.

Zachariah Carlson