Once again I, seemingly, have to suggest to a respondent to a prior Opinion page letter authored by me that, in my opinion, a refresher course in reading comprehension might be in order.

The respondent this time is Bobby L. Hester of Jonesboro. Obviously Mr. Hester either missed or disregarded the, "in what I consider to be" preface to my opinion that the Republican governors of Texas and Mississippi might, indeed, be ignorant — even extraordinarily so. This is, after all, the "Opinion" page. Mr. Hester is entitled to his opinions, and I am entitled to mine.

It's obvious, too, that Mr. Hester either missed or disregarded the several, "seemingly" prefaces to my opinions that some Party of Trumpers and/or "deplorables" might be ignorant, addled, brain-addled, or afflicted with infinite stupidity. Nowhere in my previous letter did I explicitly refer to anyone as being ignorant, addled, brain-addled or afflicted with infinite stupidity.

Mr. Hester, on the other hand, began one of his paragraphs by stating explicitly, "Clements ignorantly criticized" ... " — which, seemingly, is a blatant case of pot/kettle. Did you catch the "seemingly," Bobby L.?

One wonders where Mr. Hester gets his, seemingly, questionable facts. Perhaps from Fox News?

I would like to point out, too, that President Joe Biden's far-reaching, many-faceted bill is not called the "stimulus plan," as Mr. Hester states. It is the American Rescue Plan. If ever Americans needed a Rescue Plan it is now, following the disaster known as the Trump Administration.

I would, however, strongly suggest that any Party of Trumpers and/or "deplorables" who find their "stimulus" checks to be either unworthy of receipt or a result of "pork-filled atrocities" to mail them back to the U.S. Treasury Department as quickly as possible. Or, better yet, sign them and mail them to me. (Is that legal?)

I do not intend to have an on-going, Opinion page tete a' tete with Mr. Hester. Experience has taught me that debating Party of Trumpers and/or "deplorables" is, seemingly, an exercise in futility.

Calvin Clements