Disgusting behavior? Yes, I agree 100%. From the Democrats? Not hardly. Gym Jordan, is not a Democrat. Moscow Mitch, is not a Democrat.

The reason the media never reports anything good from President Donald Trump is because there is no good from Trump.

That wasn't the Democrats spreading lies about President Barack Obama. Remember that? It wasn't a Democrat who told more than 1,600 lies in less than 3.5 years in office.

It wasn't the Democrats who refused to allow members of Congress to do their jobs. It wasn't the Democrats who refused to do their jobs, in the Senate, during the impeachment trial. It isn't the Democrats who made Trump call everything a hoax. It wasn't the Democrats who passed top secret intel to the Russians on May 10, 2017.

But it will be the Democrats fault if Trump isn't sent to jail after he is removed from office on Jan. 20, 2021. No lie ever told can ever change that fact.

The Republicans use lies and more lies to make their point, whereas the Democrats use facts and truths, mostly.

As an aside, it was reported that Trump "aced" that cognitive test! The same test that a 3-year-old could "ace" ...

The biggest problem the Republicans have is, they would rather believe the lies than the truth.

Funny thing about facts. They are static, and never change.

Jim Taylor